13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Character Descriptions, Game Mechanics, Screenshots


Atlus has sent out a press release including information on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, involving the game’s story, characters, and mechanics.

The Atlus x Vanillaware label that created unique fantasy worlds such as Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown tackles a new challenge, featuring a juvenile science-fiction theme set in a modern world.

The completely new dramatic adventure 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, by director George Kamitani, features a group of 13 boys and girls brought together beyond time from the past and the future. They board machines called “sentinels,” desperately fighting against their inevitable fate.


“We have an emergency report. Buildings are being destroyed by large unidentified objects falling like meteorites.”

The news caster announces the end of everyday life.

Among those who attempt to flee are the figures of boys and girls who confront the despair closing in. They pilot large robots called “sentinels,” and engage in humanity’s final battle.

The 13 Main Characters

The story is developed from the individual viewpoints of 13 main characters. By following their stories, you will get closer to the truth of “the fate of ruin.”

Juurou Kurabe (Voiced by Hiro Shimono)

A 16-year old high school student attending Sakura High School. He likes movies and watches at least one every day.

He felt something strange concerning his daily life, and one day he comes across the unexpected appearance of a huge, mysterious robot.

Yakushiji Megumi (Voiced by Maaya Uchida)

Though she is serious and shows little emotion, she has a strong affection for Kurabe, after becoming a member of his family.

She is good at cooking, and makes lunch and dinner for Kurabe and Miura every day.

Ei Sekigahara (Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)

He wakes up to an unknown female corpse by his side, and is pursued relentlessly by men in black clothing.

A message from himself in the past states: “Escape from this world.”

Iori Fuyasaka (Voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)

A spirited, ordinary high-school girl who is well-liked. Her grades are average, however the discrepancy for each subject is extreme.

Recently, she has been troubled by strange dreams and is afflicted with insomnia. She is in love with Sekigahara.

Keitarou Miura (Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)

Serious and thoughtful, he cares for his younger sister. On his forehead is an injury he conceals with his hat.

Hijiyama is a senior of his from the same town. He feels very strongly for his home country.

Minami Natsuno (Voiced by Kaoru Sakura)

A lively and diligent member of the track and field club. She is also passionate about the occult, and she dreams of interacting with aliens.

She is from a family of four, with her parents and younger brother. She is on good terms with her neighbor Grandma Tamao (Juurou Kurabe’s grandmother).

Shu Amiguchi (Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

A playboy from a rich family who excels in sports. His carefree nature makes him popular with both men and women. His true feelings, however, finds society to be tedious and boring.

He’s been troubled by strange recurring dreams, and a mysterious girl on TV.

Yuki Takamiya (Voiced by Ami Koshimizu)

A sukeban (delinquent girl leader) whose ability has made her renown extend to other schools. She has a strong sense of justice, cares for her comrades, and is quick to pick a fight.

Being a childhood friend, Minami Natsuno is the only person with whom she can talk freely without hesitation.

Hijiyama Takatoshi (Voiced by Takayuki Ishii)

A manly and honest person.

He was once charmed by a boy called Okino who he mistook for a girl because he was crossdressing and has been teased for it since, although the situation wasn’t all bad.

Tomi Kisaragi (Voiced by M.A.O)

It’s easy to see her as being brash and impertinent, however she has a strong will and intellect to overcome adversity.

Her nickname is Usami.

Nenji Ogata (Voiced by Tomokazu Seki)

A compassionate, juvenile delinquent with an old-fashioned way of thinking.

Because of his strong courage and ability to stand firm during brawls in junior high school, he became famous among the delinquents around town.

Ryouko Shinonome (Voiced by Saori Hayami)

Since an accident she suffered in battle, her memories have been foggy. If she doesn’t take her medication regularly, she gets a severe headache and loses consiousness.

Gouto Renya (Voiced by Jun Fukuyama)

The calm and keen leader of the sentinel pilots.

Game System

The game is composed of three parts: Battle, Adventure, Archives.

The “Battle” part has the characters pilot sentinels to protect the world.

The “Adventure” part has characters investigate to solve mysteries and incidents, with rertospectives.

“Archives” has you look back to think of past story events and mystery files.


Unravel the hidden truth by manipulating “keywords” that emerge from insightful conversations between characters.

The “Cloud Sync” system which gives a new immersive feeling to adventure.

The keywords collected in conversation can be changed into different keywords by examining them, or by using them at an opposing party. The system is designed to navigate investigation not simply like a conventional command-type adventure game where you select options, but to intuitively immerself oneslf in the story and mystery with a natural flow of “think in conversation and ask questions.”

Complex group drama intertwined between 13 protagonists

Each protagonist has a dedicated episode with their own deeply related characters. By following these stories, solve many complicated mysteries and reveal the great secret behind this world.

Talk with Fuyasaka?

Or talk with Yakushiji?


The “Battle” part is a strategy game. The goal is to intercept waves of large monsters targeting the “terminal” and defeat them. Players customize and strengthen their sentinel mechs using “metachips” obtained in battle. Make use of 4 types of sentinels: Proximity Type, Universal Type, Long-Range Type, and Flight Type.

Defeat the enemy while protecting the “Terminal” defense bases.


The archives consist of a curated view of the world, where you can replay event scenes which you’ve seen before, look back on mysterious stories, and look through a visual glossary explaining important terms for people, sentinels, and food encountered through the adventure.

Victory in the battle part of the game is key to unlocking “memory pieces” which can be used to see new, retrospective stories.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 28, 2019. The game was announced for English localization in June 2017. No Western release date has been announced as of yet.

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