A Graphic of Overall Persona Game Sales in Japan for January 2016


Last year, Persona Central made a compilation graphic of all Persona dedicated platform video game sales in Japan.

With a new year and the recent release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night in June 2015, the graphic has been updated to reflect Persona game sales data in Japan as of January 17, 2016. All sales data comes from the Famitsu sales tracker.

Persona game sales in Japan as of January 17, 2016.

The data used for this graphic—a complete table of all physically released Persona games and their sales (in release date order)—can be seen below.

SystemTitleRelease DatePrice (yen)First Week SalesLTD Sales
[PS1]Revelations: Persona{1996.09.20}(¥6,800)201,147
[PS1]Revelations: Persona [PlayStation the Best]{1997.06.27}(¥2,800)10,97017,935
[PS1]Persona 2: Innocent Sin{1999.06.24}(¥6,800)170,577274,798
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment{2000.06.29}(¥6,800)119,484200,103
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Deluxe Pack){2000.06.29}(¥9,800)
[PS1]Persona 2: Innocent Sin [PlayStation the Best]{2000.09.14}(¥2,800)3,4703,470
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [Atlus Best Collection]{2001.11.22}(¥2,800)
[PS1]Persona [PSOne Books]{2003.01.23}(¥1,800)
[PS2]Persona 3{2006.07.13}(¥7,140)127,472210,319
[PS2]Persona 3 (Rewards){2006.07.13}(¥6,594)
[PS2]Persona 3 (PlayStation.com Original Limited Edition){2006.07.13}(¥9,800)
[PS2]Persona 3 (Konami Style Limited Edition){2006.07.13}(¥12,096)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes{2007.04.19}(¥8,190)105,099165,471
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Append Edition){2007.04.19}(¥5,040)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Append Edition Konami Style Special Edition){2007.04.19}(¥19,740)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Konami Style Limited Edition){2007.04.19}(¥22,050)
[PS2]Persona 4{2008.07.10}(¥7,329)211,967294,214
[PSP]Persona 3 Portable{2009.11.01}(¥6,279)108,343208,877
[PSP]Persona [Atlus Best Collection]{2010.06.03}(¥2,940)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes [PlayStation 2 the Best]{2010.08.05}(¥2,940)7,773
[PS2]Persona 4 [PlayStation 2 the Best]{2010.08.05}(¥2,940)64,685
[PSP]Persona [Best Selection]{2010.09.16}(¥1,980)
[PSP]Persona 2: Innocent Sin{2011.04.14}(¥6,279)62,091112,412
[PSP]Persona 3 Portable [PSP the Best]{2011.08.25}(¥2,940)5,91496,927
[PSP]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment{2012.05.17}(¥6,279)28,21257,905
[PSV]Persona 4: Golden{2012.06.14}(¥7,329)152,499304,661
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena{2012.07.26}(¥7,329)117,318191,748
[360]Persona 4: Arena{2012.07.26}(¥7,329)9,34612,869
[3DS]Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth{2014.06.05}(¥7,538)186,398254,631
[3DS]Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (Velvet Database Model){2014.06.05}(¥27,410)
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena Ultimax{2014.08.28}(¥7,538)85,407115,762
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (Limited Production Edition){2014.08.28}(¥8,980)
[PSV]Persona 4: Golden [PlayStation Vita the Best]{2015.02.05}(¥4,298)3,05719,696
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night{2015.06.25}(¥7,538)95,157119,090
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Value Pack){2015.06.25}(¥10,778)
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Premium Crazy Box){2015.06.25}(¥31,298)

The latest Persona game released in Japan was Persona 4: Dancing All Night on June 25, 2015. The upcoming dedicated video game platform in the series is Persona 5, with a slated Summer 2016 release window in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

With overall Persona game sales in Japan being over 3.28 million copies and worldwide sales for the series having been confirmed to be over 6 million, Western Persona game sales account for approximately 50% of total series sales.