A Graphic of Overall Persona Game Sales in Japan for January 2016

Last year, Persona Central made a compilation graphic of all Persona dedicated platform video game sales in Japan.

With a new year and the recent release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night in June 2015, the graphic has been updated to reflect Persona game sales data in Japan as of January 17, 2016. All sales data comes from the Famitsu sales tracker.

Persona game sales in Japan as of January 17, 2016.

The data used for this graphic—a complete table of all physically released Persona games and their sales (in release date order)—can be seen below.

SystemTitleRelease DatePrice (yen)First Week SalesLTD Sales
[PS1]Revelations: Persona{1996.09.20}(¥6,800)201,147
[PS1]Revelations: Persona [PlayStation the Best]{1997.06.27}(¥2,800)10,97017,935
[PS1]Persona 2: Innocent Sin{1999.06.24}(¥6,800)170,577274,798
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment{2000.06.29}(¥6,800)119,484200,103
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Deluxe Pack){2000.06.29}(¥9,800)
[PS1]Persona 2: Innocent Sin [PlayStation the Best]{2000.09.14}(¥2,800)3,4703,470
[PS1]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [Atlus Best Collection]{2001.11.22}(¥2,800)
[PS1]Persona [PSOne Books]{2003.01.23}(¥1,800)
[PS2]Persona 3{2006.07.13}(¥7,140)127,472210,319
[PS2]Persona 3 (Rewards){2006.07.13}(¥6,594)
[PS2]Persona 3 (PlayStation.com Original Limited Edition){2006.07.13}(¥9,800)
[PS2]Persona 3 (Konami Style Limited Edition){2006.07.13}(¥12,096)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes{2007.04.19}(¥8,190)105,099165,471
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Append Edition){2007.04.19}(¥5,040)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Append Edition Konami Style Special Edition){2007.04.19}(¥19,740)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes (Konami Style Limited Edition){2007.04.19}(¥22,050)
[PS2]Persona 4{2008.07.10}(¥7,329)211,967294,214
[PSP]Persona 3 Portable{2009.11.01}(¥6,279)108,343208,877
[PSP]Persona [Atlus Best Collection]{2010.06.03}(¥2,940)
[PS2]Persona 3: Fes [PlayStation 2 the Best]{2010.08.05}(¥2,940)7,773
[PS2]Persona 4 [PlayStation 2 the Best]{2010.08.05}(¥2,940)64,685
[PSP]Persona [Best Selection]{2010.09.16}(¥1,980)
[PSP]Persona 2: Innocent Sin{2011.04.14}(¥6,279)62,091112,412
[PSP]Persona 3 Portable [PSP the Best]{2011.08.25}(¥2,940)5,91496,927
[PSP]Persona 2: Eternal Punishment{2012.05.17}(¥6,279)28,21257,905
[PSV]Persona 4: Golden{2012.06.14}(¥7,329)152,499304,661
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena{2012.07.26}(¥7,329)117,318191,748
[360]Persona 4: Arena{2012.07.26}(¥7,329)9,34612,869
[3DS]Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth{2014.06.05}(¥7,538)186,398254,631
[3DS]Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (Velvet Database Model){2014.06.05}(¥27,410)
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena Ultimax{2014.08.28}(¥7,538)85,407115,762
[PS3]Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (Limited Production Edition){2014.08.28}(¥8,980)
[PSV]Persona 4: Golden [PlayStation Vita the Best]{2015.02.05}(¥4,298)3,05719,696
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night{2015.06.25}(¥7,538)95,157119,090
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Value Pack){2015.06.25}(¥10,778)
[PSV]Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Premium Crazy Box){2015.06.25}(¥31,298)

The latest Persona game released in Japan was Persona 4: Dancing All Night on June 25, 2015. The upcoming dedicated video game platform in the series is Persona 5, with a slated Summer 2016 release window in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

With overall Persona game sales in Japan being over 3.28 million copies and worldwide sales for the series having been confirmed to be over 6 million, Western Persona game sales account for approximately 50% of total series sales.


    Cant wait to see P5 sales numbers.

  • マーク ☠

    At the risk of coming off as a bit pedantic, I’ll say that you should list Persona 1 as Megami Ibunroku Persona, and not Revelations: Persona, since this is referring to original Japanese release and not the awful westernized version of the game.

    • Persona_Central

      Only English names, because this is predominately an English audience and the writing is in English. I’m not going to write “Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold,” either.

      • マーク ☠

        I see your point, although that title is badass! In the case of P1, the western version had so many changes from the original, that it’s almost an entirely different game, kinda like the difference between Gatchaman and Battle of the Planets.

  • Lusankya

    I don’t really get the “Percentage of main game sales” pie graph. What is this telling me?
    E.g. P4G sold around 325k copies and P4 around 350k copies. Where is the 26% coming from?

    Edit: Nevermind, I got it.

  • SquallStorm

    I really do wonder how high P5 will boost numbers.

  • Torri-

    Persona 5 is going to double those numbers, I can just feel it. Atlus is to usher in a new age!

  • NimbusStev

    Interesting. In other words, despite the mega-popularity of P3 and P4, series sales peaked with the very first Persona game and have never managed to sell that much again. Seems kind of silly that they don’t market it with the spinoffs more often if that’s the case.

    • Warren Kei Snow

      it sold that much due to being the first persona game ever made and being about japanese high school students with magical powers (one of the earlier Atlus games to ever do this). But judging by the remakes it still isn’t that popular and sold well only so because it was the first. If you look at those sales then Persona 2 is the least popular and should never be touched ever again but people whine about it (though its a minority)

      • マーク ☠

        This is an incredibly stupid comment. First of all, almost all of the Megami Tensei games (and books) are “about high school students with magical powers”. Secondly while the Persona remake did make improvements on the gameplay mechanics, it lost a lot of it’s classic feel, and really who is audience for this game? (hint) Fans of the classic Megaten series, so naturally a lot of fans rather just play the original. Assuming we are looking at the same chart Both of the games in the Persona 2 duology have about the same amount of recorded sales as Persona 3, so it “should never be touched again” either. Regarding the context of the remakes, The Innocent Sin remake is highly criticized for it’s heavy censorship, again, a lot of fans prefer to experience the game in it’s original glory, the way it was intended to be, and the Eternal Punishment remake was released long after the VITA’s launch, and while EP PSP is probably the best of the PSP remakes, It’s possible that IS remake’s dissapointment ended up overshadowing EP PSP as well. Are you even a fan of the Persona series? Persona 2 is the Darkest, Grittiest, most Mature game in the series, and while the combat system may seem archaic these days, It has the best story in the entire Persona series, which is the most important part of an RPG in my opinion.

        • Warren Kei Snow

          so because its the darkest it should garner the most respect? Well I guess P4 didn’t get the memo huh. Im sure even if they remade it like P3/P4 it still wouldn’t get that much attention.

          • マーク ☠

            What kind of backward ass question is that? Every Persona game in main series deserves nothing but the highest respect. They are all revered timeless classics and among the greatest works of art in the form of video games.

          • Warren Kei Snow

            sure they are sweetheart…you keep believing that. But you may want to wash your mouth out with soap, otherwise that cesspool of vulgarity will make you seem childish. Enjoy your day. :)

          • マーク ☠

            Uhhh wha’? What are you, some kind of old hag? Ya’ sure you’re on the right website?

          • Warren Kei Snow

            lol, say whatever you want sugar. But know that some Atlus games are lower than others, they are not all even. Just look at the media if you dont believe me.

  • Jay Patterson

    where’s p4 golden? Pretty sure it sold more than any of these. 370k in Japan if this site is correct http://www.vgchartz.com/game/62901/persona-4-golden/