Persona Central is a website dedicated to reporting on news of any kind related to the Persona video game series, which is owned by the video game developer and publisher Atlus. The purpose of the site is to create an accurate and up-to-date resource for Persona fans concerning the goings-on of the series.


In June 2013, the website “ispersona5announced.com” was created as a simple joke, because fans had been waiting for the announcement of Atlus’ long awaited game, Persona 5, for several years. The website had a single page, which consisted of an animated image at its center displaying the word: “No.”

Shortly thereafter, the animated image would lead to a personal blog where the founder of Persona Central would write about Persona related news, predominantly so that they could personally keep track of Persona news—as a big fan of the series—leading up to a Persona 5 announcement, and subsequently following its announcement in November 2013.

ispersona5announced became Persona Central on July 5th, 2014, as a means to take the coverage of Persona and Atlus news more seriously, and to devote the website to reporting on them for a wider audience.