Siliconera: Behind the Scenes of the Another Eden x Persona 5 Royal Collaboration


In December 2019, the developers of the mobile RPG Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, Wright Flyer Studios, launched a collaboration with Atlus featuring the recently released at the time Persona 5 Royal.

A second collaboration took place between Persona 5 Royal (aka P5R) and Another Eden a year later in October 2020. In the wake of this collaboration, Siliconera has interviewed the scenario writer for the collaborations, Takeru Sakurada, on the process behind the events.

Below are notable details behind the collaboration from the interview:

  • Planning behind the first P5R collaboration with Another Eden began in early 2019 as a top secret project.
  • Developers behind Another Eden originally did not want the game to have any crossovers, but they understood that combining it with a long-running franchise would make Another Eden more well known.
  • Violet—the newly introduced character to the world of Persona 5—was not in the first crossover despite the collaboration revolving around P5R. This was because she had not yet been revealed publicly (this would be globally). With the second crossover a year later, players were now familiar with her, so Violet was introduced as a playable character.

Read the rest of the interview via Siliconera.