Atlus Added to the List of Next Month’s PlayStation Experience Attendees


Next month’s PlayStation Experience event, will be attended by Atlus, according to the event’s updated banner of confirmed attendees. The event will take place from December 6 – 7, with Atlus among its known publishers and developers.

PS Experience Banner
PlayStation Experience Publisher/Developer Banner

The PlayStation Experience will be a PlayStation-centric event at a convention center in Las Vegas. It will feature panels, game demos and keynotes from the developers and publishers included in the banner above.

The banner, first shown on October 30th, has been updated with three new attendees today: Atlus, Housemarque and Ovosinco.

Atlus attending the PlayStation-centric event next month could be a sign that Persona 4: Dancing All Night or Persona 5, games releasing solely on PlayStation platforms. might have a certain presence. It is also possible, however, that Atlus’ showings at the event will be limited to the unreleased Citizens of Earth.

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