Atlus Character Designer Shigenori Soejima Interview on Projects From 2010 – 2017, Artistic Process


A Way to Put Our Work in the Spotlight

Finally, would you give a message to the readers?

Soejima: Books are sold and read for a long time, and yet you can’t change your words like on the internet. I reread my interview from the last book, thinking, “Really, what was I even saying?” This time I had a plan to avoid that, but it went out the door once I actually started talking. (laughs) I’m aware that what I say has consequences, so please consider what’s published in this book to be the art I’ve made at this time and the thoughts I have at this time.

This book contains nearly eight years’ worth of art, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on those eight years. We are extremely happy to have you witnessing our journey, regardless of whether you’re an old or a recent fan. And there’s something I’ve been thinking for a while…

Which is?

Soejima: Our art is never the star of the show. It’s used for game and book covers, poster ads, or for promoting events. But in these sort of books, our art gets to be the stars, and I’m grateful to those who purchase them. To know that you own books filled only with art is more than what we illustrators deserve. I’ll be repeating myself by saying how happy this makes me. Thank you all for your support, and I hope we meet again soon.

(January 24, 2018)