Atlus Character Designer Shigenori Soejima Interview on Projects From 2010 – 2017, Artistic Process


Project Re Fantasy

Soejima: The artbook contains the work that was used when Project Re Fantasy was announced in 2016, and it encompasses everything that I believed about the high fantasy genre. If I were given the opportunity to draw for an announcement again, I’d likely be drawing a very different piece.

We’ve been told several times, “I like the red-haired girl a lot, please bring her into the game!”, and I wonder what our response to that will be. (laughs) But for now, Hashino-san—who I’ve been working with ever since P3—and I want to show you something newer and better, so I hope you look forward to future updates!


Soejima: Regardless of whether it’s a concert or an event, drawing for them is also worthwhile. I draw most of my illustrations before their respective games are announced. I’m transmitting to the people who haven’t held games, but would like to, hopefully become fans of our games. “Would this interest you?” Communication is very much one way during the initial stages, and because most of the feedback we receive comes after the game is sold, I would nervously wait for the results of my transmission.

On the other hand, the drawings I release for concerts or events are for established fans of a game, and it’s like drawing alongside other fan artists. I would draw things I want to see as a fan of the game, alongside what I want other fans of the game to see. The usual pressure in releasing promotional art is not there, so I can enjoy sharing my love for the game with a known audience. It’s fun to draw like this. It’s all still work, though. (laughs)