Atlus Considering a ‘Persona 3 Dancing’ Game if Persona 4: Dancing All Night Sells Well

During the Persona 4: Dancing All Night launch stream which ended earlier today, the producer and director of the upcoming rhythm game addressed the potential for a “Persona 3: Dancing All Night.”

When the director and producer of Persona 4: Dancing All Night Kazuhisa Wada was asked about the possibility for a Persona 3 dancing game (or “P3D”) following P4D by music artist Yumi Kawamura and the host of the launch event, Wada responded with the following:

We are looking into the possibility of a ‘Persona 3 Dancing’ game and, if Persona 4: Dancing All Night sells well, we will consider it.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is releasing in Japan this Thursday, on June 25. The PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game has been announced for a North American release in fall 2015.

  • MAKU-X

    No, please, NOOOOOO!!

  • Wriime

    This NEEDS to happen ATLUS

  • MaouChan

    I want P3 Dancing more then P4 xD so please make it.

  • Robert Hendrie

    Just sell DLC of 1-3 for this game. I think it would funny as hell to see characters from 1 and 2 dancing. Or just make the next game “Persona Dancing” and take from all the games.

  • konorbeatz

    Yes please! Aigis could do the robot!

    • Mr.Sammich

      That’s racist.
      How dare you belittle the native dance of our people.

  • MAKU-X

    Why don’t they make a Persona 3 Racing game instead.

    • Deuteragonist

      Would be rated AO for Mara’s power ups.

      • Nonsense. Mara is a perfect example of “Family Friendly Pornography”. E10 at the most.

  • vileBrenman


  • AbdurRasheed Sadiq


  • If the main SMT fanbase was unhappy with Dancing All Night, I shudder to think of their response towards this.

    • MAKU-X


    • novurdim

      that couple of people which consider themselves a “main SMT fanbase” are unhappy with any personish game, ya point is blurry.

      • MAKU-X


        • novurdim


          • MAKU-X

            You have exactly 2 hippie brain cells, why don’t you go dance the hate away, or whatever.

          • novurdim

            You are the one hating here, shame you don’t have the brainpower to notice even that. Oh well, we should be condescending to the mentally challenged, so I forgive you, it’s probably not your fault.

          • MAKU-X

            That’s right, I am hating, I have high standards for a game that uses the Persona namesake. P4D is a shitty Project Diva re-skin, that does not live up to Atlus’ quality video game masterpieces. If you really appreciate the series, don’t let Sega get away with watering it down to commercial crap that manages to be more mindlessly boring than COD. Although you will probably find project disco ball to be an in-depth experience, being only able to understand one button at a time and all.

          • novurdim

            I just don’t let it bother me and become a raging elitist. Everyone who claims having “high standarts” is usually insanely hating on P4 so I really don’t get why waste the time spewing negativity on its spin-off. And no, rhythm-games are not a waste of time in themselves, your stance is hilarious.

  • May_Patra

    No. No, thank you.


  • Dio Brando


  • Darak

    Instead of dancing they could make it like a rock band or something different.
    make they play all kind of instruments.

  • XrosBlader821

    Yes please

  • Himiko

    I need this.

  • Shady Shita

    They better spend the money for a remake for P3 FES on PS4

    • MAKU-X

      Ha, that would totally overshadow the FF7 remake.

      • Arisato Minato


  • Arisato Minato

    i remember when shin megami tensei was a saga of awesome rpgs based on post-apocaliptic worlds where demons were everywhere and you ahd to tame them in order to advance, then sawesome spinoffs started to appear like persona, DeSu, SJ, soul hackers, etc… now… all that’s left of that magnificent legacy is a bunch of shitty games made to keep the fanboys throwing money at them (p4 was bad, then p4g, p4 arena (wtf what were you thinking atlus…) now a dancing game…. where is the magnificence smt once had? where did they lose it? this is saddening, really saddening, as a veteran fan of smt this makes me sad because i don’t see a britght future for this franchise

    • Sammy

      ….It left when SMT was dropped from the title. Which, by the way, happened when Golden was released, and happened in Japan from the start. Some people, especially in Japan, like these kinda games. We STILL have Persona 5 coming, we’ll probably have more RPG’s after that as well. Chill.

      • Jason Ryer

        P5 AND maybe 6 since they come in pairs like pokemon games then more SMT devil survior is still good stuff if you turn off certain story beats.

    • novurdim

      They never lost it and lumping smt with persona is not a thing a knowing man would do today. Atlus is a quickly growing company so they need more games, spin-offs are the easiest answer to that, nothing really wrong with that.

    • lal

      kill urself

  • Danny Boy


    • Anthony Zombo

      That would be funny if that was the answer for freeing his soul.

  • IreliaFeedsU

    Don’t see why people are against it. Don’t want it, don’t buy it nor P4DAN. Simple.

  • Tamadachi
  • Tamadachi
  • Yul Haiba


    • MAKU-X


  • ForestPenguin

    Only if Fuuka wears a Bikini.

  • Jason Ryer

    Im down with this so long as the story is better than Ultimax at this point. P3 had it rough.

  • James Li

    I want P3FES on Vita not this bullshit.

  • I would love to see a P3 dancing game especially if its just as good as P4 dancing all night

  • Bryce Quintin

    Atlus could make a remaster collection of Persona 3 and 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. But why? PERSONA 3 Dancing ALL NIGHT!!!???? WHY!!!???

  • LeBlanc is my waifu

    yassssssssss pls!!!!! I want to play p3 music I don’t care the history It’s a fucking rhythmic game, no story mode if they want

  • BeuOfCosia

    while im not opposed to this, the P3 cast were not really good at the whole, happy or expressing emotion thing, at all
    yet it gives me the visual of Makoto shuffling arms crossed against his will to the soothing sounds of Yukari and Junpei fighting over costume choices, the melodic sounds of ken decrying how he wont do this childish thing as Mitsuru taps her foot and shakes her head disapprovingly to the beat

  • Cookies-X-Cream (SukiYukiLOVED

    Id rather see Minato/Mshe dance or Elizabeth than persona 4. THEY BETTER MAKE IT HAPPEN! AND THEY BETTER ADD IGOR IN IT XDD
    dont judge my opinyon.. its MY point of view okay?