Atlus Net Shutting Down on March 31, 2017, Official Atlus Site Updated in its Place


Atlus has announced that the long-lasting Japanese portal for Atlus games, Atlus Net (, will be shutting down on March 31, 2017.

As a replacement, Atlus Net has been integrated into a renewed version of the Atlus company website (, first established three years ago on March 31, 2014.

Atlus Net was originally launched in April 2007, and served as a website featuring all of Atlus Japan’s titles.

Updated Atlus Website

The newly updated Atlus official website, as mentioned above, integrates the video game media focus of Atlus Net while maintaining the business and job recruitment elements of the previous Atlus company website. It has links to all of Atlus’ currently active social media accounts, as well.

There are links to the game pages for Atlus’ modern titles, as well as links to series websites, through the site’s product page.

The recruitment page has been updated, though it contains the same information as it did before. However, there was once a link to a section dedicated to the company’s “2nd Production” (i.e. P Studio) at “” with office pictures and job descriptions. That section of the website is currently unavailable.

The new news page now includes game news from Atlus Net, such as a post for the upcoming “Atlus New Announcement SP2017 <Spring>” live stream. Previously, it only had a single business related post for the establishment of the company website back in 2014.

The front page of Atlus’ updated official website.

Old Atlus Website

Front page of the previous Atlus official website.

Atlus Net

The current front page of Atlus Net.