Atlus Confirms Continued Distribution of PSP Downloadable Titles After July 2, 2021 in Japan


Previously, Sony Interactive Entertainment had announced that the purchases of new PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita downloadable titles on the PlayStation Store would be discontinued on July 2, 2021 and August 27, 2021 respectively. Additionally, new purchases for PSP titles would also be terminated on July 2, 2021.

While users would be able to access games and video content they had previously purchased, users would be unable to buy software they had not owned for those platforms.

On April 19, 2021, Sony decided to scale this decision back, deciding that the storefronts for the PS3 and PS Vita would remain functional for the foreseeable future. However, digital purchases for PSP titles would still end on July 2nd, as previously announced.

Today, however, Atlus has announced that their digital PSP titles will continue to be sold on the PS3 and PS Vita platforms even after July 2nd, 2021.

June 8 Update:

It has been decided that we will continue selling the following PSP software on PS Vita, which was scheduled to be discontinued.

These games will continue to be available for purchase on PS3 and PS Vita.

This is after Atlus had updated an article on April 28, confirming that the distribution of their PSP games would end on July 2nd.

The titles in question:

  • Hexyz Force (Sting the Best)
  • Growlanser (Atlus Best Collection)
  • Growlanser IV: Over Reloaded
  • Gloria Union
  • Persona (Atlus Best Collection)
  • Gungnir
  • Knights in the Nightmare
  • Princess Crown (Atlus Best Collection)
  • Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future (Sting the Best)
  • Persona (Atlus Best Collection)
  • Persona 3 Portable (PSP the Best)
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
  • Yggdra Union (Sting the Best)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (Atlus Best Collection)
  • Tokyo Mono Harashi: Karasu no Mori Gakuen Kitan (Atlus Best Collection)

Similarly, Level-5 has issued a statement today that their titles will still be available for purchase past July 2, 2021.

Atlus, Game*Spark