Atlus to Publish Caligula in North America and Europe in Spring 2017

The previously reported PlayStation Vita JRPG Caligula has been announced to be published by Atlus USA in North America in Spring 2017.

ATLUS and FuRyu are partnering once again to localize and release Caligula as a digital download title for the PlayStation®Vita in the Americas AND Europe next spring. We’ll have more details later, but we couldn’t resist packing this surprise to close out E3!
The game will be download only in North America and Europe, and the original Japanese audio will be kept.
Caligula (1)

Caligula is an RPG written by Tadashi Satomi, the writer behind PersonaPersona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. He was also responsible for the scenario in the Digital Devil Saga games.

Caligula focuses around modern pathology and trauma, as a new “juvenile school RPG.” The game takes place around the virtual reality world of “Mobius,” revolving around nine men and women who seek to return to the real world from a virtual one set in high school.

The title of the game is derived from the “Caligula Effect,” a term describing one’s significant desire for something they’re not permitted to have. The initial tagline for the game is “Can you kill an idol?”

Key staff members of the game are:

  • Director: Takuya Yamanaka (FuRyu)
  • Scenario Writer: Tadashi Satomi (Freelance)
  • Illustrator: Oguchi (Freelance)
  • Composer: Tsukasa Mako

Caligula is slated for a June 23, 2016 release in Japan for the PlayStation Vita, with a Spring 2017 release in North America and Europe.

  • sillyfudgemonkeys


  • finalmoose

    dreams really do come true!

  • James Jeans

    I know this is heretical in most circles, but: no dub, no sale.

    I’m tired of all these JRPG’s getting the half-ass treatment on PS4 and Vita. If they want to keep the Japanese voice acting as an option, that’s fine. But at least put in the effort for those of us who prefer dubs over subs.

    • sillyfudgemonkeys

      I feel like they will, Atlus is very good about it with their MegaTen franchises (the only exception being Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but it didn’t do so hot in Japan so they might be just trying to minimize any losses if it happens…plus there’s a lot of singing in Japanese and it would’ve “ruin the feel/break the immersion” by having people speak english the rest of the time. >.>) Since this is by the same writer as DDS and P1/2, I’m sure Atlus will give him special treatment and treat it like a Persona game and dub it~! :D

    • I’d still buy the game if it had no dub, but I hate subtitles so much even the crappiest English dub is better than japanese voices to me.

    • planetofthemage

      It’s not a question of effort, it’s a question of money. Licensing Japanese audio can be expensive (sometimes more expensive than producing a dub) and producing a dub can be expensive too. For a niche game like this, it’s probably not profitable to do both.

      Also it’s not really a half-ass treatment to do something that half the community probably would prefer (Japanese audio.)

  • Wania Siviryan

    Atlus, what the fuck!? You can get this to release in Europe, but you can’t do the same for P5?

    • João Ribeiro

      ikr, that and apocalypse.

  • ScottyWired

    “spring 2017”

    Companies should really stop using natural cycles as time markers and use Q1,Q2,Q3, and Q4 instead. We’re a global society now, not some potato-digging peasants who consult a shaman just to get the time

  • マーク ☠

    I Hope they at least put out a limited run of physical copies.