Atlus Registers “” Website Domain Name

It has been discovered that Atlus recently registered the domain name “,” which is likely related to the ongoing tease for an upcoming “incident” or “disaster” to be revealed soon on the official Shin Megami Tensei IV website.

According to a WHOIS domain lookup, the domain name “” was registered by Atlus Co., Ltd. on September 24, 2015.

The WHOIS domain search brings up the following information: Domain registered by ATLUS CO., LTD. on 2015/09/24

The current Shin Megami Tensei IV website teaser is slated to be uncovered after 15,000 tweets (with 9,008 as of this writing). The website for “” will possibly be revealed alongside it.

via crinale (NeoGAF)

  • Well that is disappointing. This is more than likely what the CEO was referring to at TGS. So much for a new game. Whether SMTV, a spin-off, or a completely new IP. It is just a definitive version of SMTIV. Such a let down. C’mon Atlus, this isn’t how you bolster your catalogue… :(

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      It’s a sequel to SMTIV. Mostly new characters (so far one returning character) and new story, same time line of SMTIV.

      • You don’t keep up with comments do you. Haha.

        • ThatGuy3190_7

          I am keeping up with the comments, egoist. You said so much for a new game. SMTIV Final is a new game. It’s a sequel, not a remake. Sequels are considered new. New story? New characters? A game that isn’t what they released a few years ago that isn’t remade? Maybe you need to look up the definition of definitive again because it sure as hell doesn’t mean entirely new. Just read the very first quote in the latest news, which you didn’t read before commenting or commented after reading.

          • I made this comment before the details were leaked. So yah, you need to calm down, it’s simple fact that you don’t keep up to date on comments and when they were posted. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just telling you how it is. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.

          • ThatGuy3190_7

            Yes you sounded rude and no, I was not angry at all. I’ve only been taught to present all of the facts as concise as possible when explaining or correcting an error. That was all.

          • Persona_Central

            Please keep in mind the time and date of news when replying to older comments when trying to correct a perceived error. It’s unnecessary to try to correct someone when the actual news had not surfaced at the time and when you are operating with more information than they had available.

          • It’s cool, just keep in mind that this was posted before the news broke. When there are multiple articles covering the same thing (@Persona_Central:disqus might be something you try to work on in the future?) it is best to keep to the latest stuff. I didn’t intend to be rude. Hence the “haha”. I guess the internet does skew things, and I do have a warped social outlook. Again my apologies, and no harm done.

          • Persona_Central

            The articles on this website are iterative due to its very specific nature. It is not feasible to go back and update every single previous article related to new information, and it is not better to have all-encompassing articles resulting in bloat.

          • Hmm… I suppose that is true enough…