Atlus’ Studio Zero Currently Developing a Non-Fantasy Title

4Gamer recently published the second part of an interview discussion between Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino and Persona Stalker Club host and freelance writer Mafia Kajita.

At the end of this interview, Hashino confirms that Studio Zero, the new third division of Atlus dedicated to new IP development, is currently working on another title in addition to Project Re Fantasy.

Hashino: Studio Zero has not just been formed to create fantasy games. There are titles currently in development other than fantasy.

Mafia: Oh, are you serious?

Hashino: I cannot reveal any details yet, but I am preparing something so people say, “Huh, so this is part of it too?” I think that I will be able to show this one to everyone first.

Of course I would also like you to look forward to information on Project Re Fantasy  in the future. Thank You.

Relatedly, a Catherine follow-up was recently teased on a live stream dedicated to recruiting new Studio Zero employees, which could be one of the other projects the studio is working on.


  • Edgar

    Dafaq?! They’re quite few, still recruiting people… and started other projects too?!

    • Senpai Otaku

      I am guessing Atlus as a whole are working on:

      Catherine II
      SMT 5
      Persona 5 Arena
      P6 early development

      in addition to the stuff they already announced

      • Edgar

        Man I’d really love your list: no Persona 5+extra, and Persona 6 aòready in. But I don’t have much hopes things stay like that.

        Maybe TGS will tell us more. Few days and we’ll know

        • Senpai Otaku

          Right now the following are in development or finishing development at Atlus:

          SMT SJR 3DS
          SMT HD SWITCH

          I plan on getting all those games listed above after they release. but what i really want to see even more than P6 is a Persona 1-3 remake. I would be happy if they held off releasing P6 untill 2022 just so that they could work on remaking the first 3 games in HD.

          Plus remasters of SMT DDS and SMT 3

  • Nice. I wish Studio Zero all the best.