Atlus Teases Unannounced Games, New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Artist


From NeoGAF, via Dengeki PlayStation and Famitsu interviews celebrating PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, two Atlus staff members had brief things to say concerning upcoming projects.

Shoji Meguro, the notable Persona series composer, stated the following:

We have some other unannounced games that aren’t Persona 5.

The unannounced titles could be referring to those teased in a previous interview with Famitsu, where brand new IP and an Atlus game set to release in three years time were mentioned.

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Additionally, the newly appointed Persona 4: Dancing All Night director, Kazuhisa Wada, had this to sayabout the game:

We’ve added a big new artist for Persona 4 Dancing

The artist in question has not been stated, and is likely someone other than the original character designer for the project, Shigenori Soejima.

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— Dengeki PlayStation / Famitsu via NeoGAF