Atlus Teasing an Upcoming “Incident” on the Shin Megami Tensei IV Site [Update]

Update (2015-10-05): See the bottom of this post for ongoing updates on this teaser.

With the upcoming release of “Shin Megami Tensei IV Atlus Best Collection,” this week on October 8, 2015 in Japan, the official Shin Megami Tensei IV website has been updated with a teaser for an upcoming reveal.

Full SMTIV Teaser

The teaser is of a counter which states that a certain “Incident” will happen on the updated Shin Megami Tensei IV website once 15,000 tweets from it have been achieved.

Atlus released a trailer for the Shin Megami Tensei IV Atlus Best Collection greatest hits release on October 4th.

The “Atlus Best Collection” is a budget line label for Atlus re-releases. The latest game re-released with that label was the Nintendo 3DS RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor: Soul Hackers in March 2015 for 3,218 yen. A “The Best” version of Persona 4 Golden was also released on February 5, 2015 for 3,980 yen.


If it is not new DLC commemorating the re-release of Shin Megami Tensei IV, this teaser could potentially be related to an upcoming game that Atlus USA CEO Naoto Hiraoka teased they would be revealing soon at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

Update (October 5, 2:13 AM EDT): Two hours after the teaser on the website was unveiled, its image has been updated, slowly revealing itself.

SMT IV Teaser Website Update

Update (October 5, 3:00 AM EDT): The image for the teaser on the website has once again been updated.

Update 2 for SMTIVUpdate (October 5, 5:47 AM EDT): The image for the teaser on the website has been updated for the third time.

SMT IV Update 3Update (October 5, 8:43 AM EDT): The image for the teaser on the website has been updated for the fourth time.

SMT IV Update #4Update (October 5, 10:10 AM EDT): The image for the teaser on the website has been updated for the fifth time.

SMT IV Update 5

  • Spooky Jorlan

    SMT V baby.

    • TeLin特林

      I hope it’s gonna go to the ps4

      Using assets from persona 5 would be amazing…

      • Tibs

        I think Atlus is separating the series by exclusivity. Persona (excluding PQ which is only a spin-off) is Sony, and SMT is Nintendo.

        • TeLin特林

          Eh, what?

          I highly doubt that…especially looking at their history. And why exclude PQ, just because?

          SMT has gone back and forth from Nintendo to Sony and back again.

          All the way back to the SNES. And Playstation.

          I’m sure they’d have no issue swinging back if the ps4 continues to do well. And I mean really well.

          • Tibs

            Persona Q is a 3DS exclusive, this is only because it was made by the Etrian Odyssey team and was treated as an EO with a Persona skin.

            I honestly hope they go back to PS, I bought a 3DS for PQ and SMTIV and I don’t want to buy the NX or another overrated handheld to play these games. I’m going by the latest few releases and upcoming titles which have been exclusive to Nintendo.

          • TeLin特林

            You’re absolutely right…so ignore my previous comment, except to maybe give hope things could change. Not sure what I thought you said or what I thought I was arguing against…I’ve gotten less than 3 hours of sleep last couple of nights. Bahahahah!

            There’s been basically All smt games are on the Nintendo handheld(devil survivor and other spin offs too)…Persona techncially doesn’t have the smt titlesubtitle. And thay game on the wii u has the same subtitle as persona I think…forgot how to spell it.

            You’d think they could market the next SMT game to persona fans after P5….as sales of persona keep increasing while the other smt portable games are a few 100k less.

            If they put smt v on the NX….guess I’ll have to get it.

          • Tibs

            No worries, we’ve all been there :)

          • マーク ☠

            You guys are forgetting one key fundamental thing though, simply put making a PS4 title takes a lot more time, money, and manpower than a 3DS title. (assuming the game makes actual use of the console’s abilities)

          • TeLin特林

            I’m perfectly aware the development on the 3ds is less complex than on a console such as the ps4.
            But it’d seem that developing persona 5 could open the doors a bit more foe another SMT or a spinoff.
            They’d just have to market it to the persona fans(not saying to make smt more like persona).
            So far persona sells more. Willing to bet many aren’t even aware of SMT anymore since they’ve dropped the smt moniker since persona 4 golden…and a smt title hasn’t been on a console in nearly a decade.
            But I’m a big smtpersonaAtlus fan. I’ll buy their awesome §H|+ and whatever Consoleportable it launches on.

    • AbdurRasheed Sadiq

      And then Europe has to wait another 1 and a half years >_>

  • Suqsid

    How long will it take to have enough 15000 tweets? :/

  • May_Patra

    Still 12165 tweets to go as of this moment. That will take some time…
    Anyhow, please let this be a new game! ♥

  • sillyfudgemonkeys

    Ohhhh sweet! 8D Makes me want to pick my copy up and start playing again! XD Haha…stupid school. >.> New game or DLC I’m pumped! 8D

  • Salvador Celes


  • マーク ☠

    mhm, I agree. What I was trying to get at by mentioning that was that I highly doubt Persona is being separated by the rest of the SMT in exclusivity to Sony or Nintendo consoles respectively.
    Many of the SMT games released after Persona 4 have been Portable remakes/ports, (which I’m totally fine with since Atlus does such a fine job improving the games, while keeping their classic feel, however there is of course the one exception, that being Innocent Sin. Censoring a 20 year old game is completely ridiculous and entirely unacceptable, not to mention the very poor translation job the game received. They even censored the word “gay”. Because that was so offensive to some special person, apparently.) Taking into context the release date of the Persona PsP ports, there simply would be no alternative console to port them too, even if the DS was much more popular, and the rest of the Megaten games were getting released on it, there was no way it could handle any of the persona games. The Same thing applies to the P4 port. One last thing to take note of, the original Devil Summoner was ported onto the PsP, Devil Summoner 2 however was ported onto the 3DS.
    I apologize for rambling on for so long. ww

    • TeLin特林

      Oh, no you’re fine. Very insightful comment.

      Didn’t know about the rampant censorship in innocent sin. Guess that’s why it was recommended to
      get the fan translation.