Atlus Has Around 10 Titles in Development, Wants to Hold Persona Events Overseas, Working on Surprising, Big Unannounced Games


Following the announcement that this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine would include an extensive feature celebrating Atlus’ 35th anniversary, details of the feature have been leaked via ryokutya2089.

The Senior Managing Director and General Manager of the Consumer Software Division Naoto Hiraoka was interviewed about Atlus’ future.


Persona 25th Anniversary

  • “We want to hold events for Persona to the largest possible extent we can. Not only for Japan, but overseas as well.”

Other Atlus Series

  • “We will continue to focus on Vanillaware titles and other Atlus IP.”
  • ProjectRE is making progress little by little, and we hope to deliver it at the right time.”
  • “As for Etrian Odyssey, we want to send you follow-up news as much as possible.”

Future Titles

  • “We are working on a variety of titles, both announced and unannounced, so that we can deliver them as soon as possible. We hope to bring some surprises in the future.”
  • “Currently, we have five or six development lines in effect, and around 10 if you include the ones we’re working on in collaboration with Vanillaware and other companies, as well as technology research and development.
  • “We’re also working on some other big unannounced projects that will surprise you. It’s frustrating, because I can’t wait to tell you about them. Please give us some time before the announcement.

Previous Announcements


Atlus has recently teased they will be holding a variety of events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series from September 2021 to September 2022. With seven projects teased, some of them will be events, and some will be games.

In September 2020, a job listing for Atlus’ Persona Team was made, searching for a technical artist with Unreal Engine experience. This could imply a Persona series title using the Unreal Engine in the future.

Etrian Odyssey

The “Next Stage” of the Etrian Odyssey series was teased in July 2018. With only a brief teaser trailer, a substantial update for this upcoming project has not been given yet.


An undisclosed Vanillaware project was teased with the release of the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Prologue demo released in March 2019. No details have been given on this project since.

Project Re Fantasy

In December 2020, the creative producer and chief director Katsura Hashino stated that the development of the new fantasy RPG Project Re Fantasy had reached its “climax.” Along with the statement that they are hoping to make a formal announcement soon, it is possible we could see more of this game later this year.


In December 2020, the director of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and the Devil Survivor series, Shinjiro Takada, stated that in 2021 he hoped not only to release fun games, but also to announce new ones.

— ryokutya2089 (1, 2)