Atlus to Announce Several Games in 2017, Includes the Persona Series

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine #1466 includes a special feature with New Year’s cards and aspirational comments from 46 different Japanese game developers, including Atlus.

According to a flying get leak from Hachima Kikou, Atlus’ comment regarding next year is as follows:

In 2017, we will have several unannounced titles, so please look forward to their announcements.

Hiraoka Statement

This follows the statement Atlus business director Naoto Hiraoka made recently alongside the newly announced Atlus RPG Project Re Fantasy:

We’re steadily developing other titles behind the scenes, including the Persona series. We plan to announce future titles in the new year, without keeping you waiting too long.

According to Hiraoka, titles other than Project Re Fantasy should be announced sooner than later, in 2017.

Persona 5, the latest entry in the Persona series, released on September 15, 2016 in Japan.

Wada Statement

P Studio director and producer Kazuhisa Wada recently stated in a Dengeki PlayStation interview that 2016 was a year of preparation for his project (something he mentioned at the beginning of the year, as well):

This year was a “year of preparation.” While taking input, we were “making the soil” for the next big harvest.

Presumably, his project would be one of the titles Atlus would be announcing.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night was the last title to be directed and produced by Kazuhisa Wada, released in Japan on June 25, 2015.

Yamai Statement

Kazuyuki Yamai of Team Maniax—the internal Atlus studio responsible for the Shin Megami Tensei games—recently teased in Famitsu that there will possibly be something to share regarding what his team has been working on, with next year being the 25th anniversary of the series:

The Shin Megami Tensei series will celebrate its next milestone towards future developments next year. I hope to be able to share “something” with everyone next year.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, released in Japan on February 10, 2016, was the last title produced by Kazuyuki Yamai.


Despite not being part of the “unannounced games,” Atlus announced 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim in September 2015, with no real news for the game since.

Vanillaware had been recruiting a background artist for 13 Sentinels starting in October 2016, and ending the following month.

Project Re Fantasy

The only of Atlus’ announced internal projects for now, Project Re Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey Begins is a fantasy RPG developed by the newly formed team: Studio Zero.

As the game is only in its conceptual stages, it is unlikely to be released or substantially resurface in 2017.

Project Re Fantasy, headed by Studio Zero and notable Atlus members such as Katsura Hashino (director), Shigenori Soejima (artist) and Shoji Meguro (composer).

Hachima Kikou

  • HvnlyDaze

    Devil Survivor 3
    Persona 3/4 Rhythm game

  • Bagus Wijaya

    Please be Raidou Kuzunoha 3

  • Suqsid

    Is Wada ever do everything good for the series beside milking?

  • Patrick Honeyman

    I can totally see some type of Persona 5 DLC next year. Atlus has already set the precedent with previous entries and as long as its some sort of after/side story that should be fine.

    After the initial sales numbers I’d be very surprised if Atlus didn’t do anything relating to P5 going forwards.

    • Jason Ryer

      Persona 6 then DLC and side stories til we are tired of them. P games happen 2 at a time.

  • Vallen

    In terms of non-Persona games, we’ll probably hear of a new SMT (might be devil survivor 3 or maybe devil summoner 3 or something) – or it could be some other ATLUS series which hasn’t gotten an entry in a while.

    As for Persona-related, probably an expansion to P5 and P5 Arena.
    I would personally love a P3 port to the vita before the system officially bites the dust and stops being manufactured.

    • Mighty Pants

      or better a persona game ported on to the engine of persona 5 (probably not gonna happen)

      • Kalkano

        That would be amazing, and I think Persona 2 would perfectly fit the bill. Really flesh it out, and bring it up to date with the rest of the series.

        • Dragon Heart

          Good lord, Persona 2 in P5 engine?

          • Dio

            Do you want the console to explode?

  • Hexodious

    Maybe a ‘revisit the origins’? Digital Devil Story Megami Tensei 3, though a very VERY longshot, but hey one can dream, right? We’d probably get Devil Survivor 3, but I’d like to see a new installment in the Raidou or Digital Devil Saga series (or both)

    As far as Persona goes, I’d really have no idea what kind of speculation I gotta make with that, they have already done the standard spin-offs which everyone could see coming from a mile away and I doubt they’ll go straight to Persona 6, Atlus has a habit as of late to milk their franchises for what’s it worth, be it DLC or spin-offs so i’m expecting something-Persona mid-2017 or late Fall, though as far as spin-offs goes, I’d like to see another Persona Q game, surprisingly loved the first one (hinthintPersona1&2hinthint)

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Hopefully a Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold will be announced, at least for 2018 or 2019.

    • Windguardian 114

      I’m much more inclined toward the english version of Etrian Odyssey 5, but I wouldn’t say no to an Untold 3. Sadly, no news lately one the EO game-side apart from the annoncement of Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2… which wasn’t great from my standing point to be honest.