Atlus Launches Updated Recruitment Site, Features Company Overview, Office Pictures, Special Game Retrospective Video


Atlus Japan has updated their website dedicated to hiring new employees with a variety of business related information.

Department Introduction

Atlus in Numbers

About Titles

  • Cumulative Sales: Over 20 million copies
  • Cumulative Titles Released: 239 titles (as of October 2019)
  • Regions/Countries for the Total Sales: Worldwide (North America / South America / Asia / Oceania)

About Employees

  • Ratio of Men and Women: 7:3 (72% men, 28% women)
  • Age Ratio:
    • 20s: 23%
    • 30s: 45%
    • 40s: 30%
    • 50s: 2%
    • Average Age: 35.5 years old
  • Development and Business Ratio: 8:2 (82% development, 18% business)
  • Number of Employees Hired (Annually): 23 employees (the average from 2016 to 2018)

About Service and Vacation

  • Average Years of Service: 7 years
  • Average Overtime per Month: 20 hours
  • Paid Leave Usage Rate: 76.30%
  • Number of Employees Having Taken Maternity Leave: 5 women – 100% of it (in 2018)
  • Turnover Rate: 6.5% (average from the last 3 years)


Events that Atlus has listed that have marked their history throughout the years.

  • 1986: Established former corporation in Iidabashi as a computer game development company.
  • 1987: Began domestic sales of professional amusement equipment.
  • 1989: Amusement facility “Atlus City” opened.
  • 1994: Amusement facility “Mu Continent” opened.
  • 1995: Sale of “Print Club” machines for business use.
  • 1995: Head office relocated to Kagurazaka​.
  • 1997: JASDAQ listing.
  • 1999: US subsidiary Atlus USA, Inc. established.
  • 2005: Moved consumer software office to East Shinjuku.
  • 2007: Moved consumer software office to Iidabashi .
  • 2010: Joined Index group.
  • 2010: Head office relocated to Sangenjaya
  • 2013: Joined SEGA SAMMY group.
  • 2018: Head office relocated to Osaki Garden Tower.

Office Pictures

Atlus moved its headquarters to Osaki Garden Tower in September 2018. The office features a variety of facilities to improve comfort and work efficiency.

Atlus Game Release Retrospective Video

The updated Atlus recruiting site features a new video showcasing the various titles Atlus has developed since it was founded in 1986, beginning with Puzzle Boy for the Game Boy in 1989, which was Atlus’ first own branded title.

The Sega Fes 2019 “Great Atlus Exhibition” featured a similar showcase of the company’s released titles over the years.

Atlus has been making a substantial recruitment push ever since Studio Zero, the company’s third creative department, was created at the end of 2016. Atlus counts 300 employees as of October 2019.