BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 3D Live Mode to Feature Persona 5 Inspired Costumes


The rhythm-based mobile game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! previously held a collaboration with Persona 5 in July 2018 (a year later for the English version). The event featured the “Afterglow” band members in Persona 5 inspired outfits.

On March 16th, a new “3D Live Mode” will be introduced in the mobile game, with players able to see 3D models of the members performing while playing. Players will also able to change the costumes each member performs in.

Today, it was announced through the official live stream that Persona 5 costumes will be part of the “3D Live Mode” costumes available for sale. Shown in the trailer is Mitake Ran as the P5 protagonist and Arsene, as well as Uehara Himari as Ann Takamaki and Carmen.

3D Live Mode Collaboration Costume Trailer