BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x Persona Series Collaboration Character Art, Details


During the 15th edition of a regular live stream broadcast for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! rhythm-based mobile game, the full range of character key art for the upcoming Persona 5 collaboration with the “Afterglow” band members was revealed, along with additional details.

The collaboration will begin on July 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM JST.

Art had been posted on a daily basis, revealing the participating band members in their “pre-special training” forms, and silhouettes had later been posted for their “post-special training” evolution forms. Both pieces of art for the characters can be seen below:

Character Art

Mitake Ran (Protagonist & Arsene)

Aoba Moca (Futaba Sakura & Necronomicon)

Uehara Himari (Ann Takamaki & Carmen)

Udagawa Tomoe (Makoto Niijima & Johanna)

Hazawa Tsugumi (Haru Okumura & Milady)

Persona Series Collaboration Music

The collaboration music from the Persona series that will be featured during the event has been announced. They will be the following covers from different in-game bands, as playable songs:

  • Roselia x Persona 3: Kimi no Kioku
  • Afterglow x Persona 4: Reach Out To The Truth
  • Poppin Party x Persona 5: Life Will Change

A short preview of the “Kimi no Kioku” (or “Memories of You”) song from Persona 3 was shown during the live stream.

Collaboration Television Commercial

The Japanese television commercial for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party collaboration with Persona, which begins on July 20th.

The official website for the collaboration can be found here.