Bilibili Macro Link 2021 Concert ‘Life Will Change’ Live Performance, Persona 5 Inspired Opening Video


Bilibili Macro Link (also known as BML) is an annual event—usually in concert form—dedicated to online culture and performers, taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai. This year’s BML took place on July 11, 2021, and featured Persona 5 vocalist Lyn as one of the performers.

The beginning of the event featured an animated sequence with the BML mascots appearing as phantom thieves, pulling off a heist, with aesthetic elements taken directly from Persona 5. After triggering an alarm in the crowd to start off the event (also similar to previous Atlus held Persona 5 events), another animated sequence  was played.

Following various performances and artists, Lyn appeared midway through the event and sang “Life Will Change.”

Life Will Change

BML 2021 Intro #1

BML 2021 Intro #2

The full Bilibili Macro Link 2021 concert can be seen on the website (with the Lyn performance at around the 1:57:30 time stamp).

An image of Lyn and Morgana via Atlus:

Bilibili Macro Link 2021 Key Art