BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced, Features Persona 4 Arena

After the grand finals of the BlazBlue: Central Fiction tournament at Evo 2017, Arc System Works announced a new fighting game project called BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

The fighting game is a 2D sprite-based, tag team game featuring characters from BlazBluePersona 4 ArenaUnder Night In-Birth, and RWBY.

It is currently in active development, and the game is planned to be released for home consoles some time in 2018. The specific platforms are currently unannounced.

Below is a teaser trailer for the game, showing off Ragna from BlazBlue, Yu Narukami from Persona 4 Arena, Hyde from Under Night In-Birth, and Ruby Rose from RWBY.

Character visuals were newly drawn for the game by artist Konomi Higuchi, who has previously worked on Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena titles.

The official website will be found here once it goes live.


The Art of Persona 5
Prima Games Prima Games (2017-06-27)
  • vileBrenman

    Literally no one saw this coming. This is amazing

    • Faylan Valentine

      you’ll never see it comiiiiing

      • Raziel Kõbe

        Funny but no Phantom Thieves of Hearts in this game :(

        • Lucas Vinicius

          Yet….Who know what the future brings,maybe a just a teaste of P5A.
          “If you wanna change the world,all you have to do is just look at it differently…am I right? and THAT is what ‘aesthetics’ are.”

  • Irene Kharista

    Hopefully they are not the only titles that will make
    appearance. Maybe they’ll announce other titles like Guilty Gear or
    Persona 5 too. That would be cool.
    Seriously, I never see this one coming at all lol. Especially UNIEL making it way here. I guess it’s just more popular than I thought. RWBY too, but afaik BB’s staff ever stated that they were interested in making a RWBY fighting game. I even made a joke once to my friend that a RWBY fighting game is going to happen, and it really is…

    • Humberto Alejandro

      They said its characters for P4A so not P5 characters, which it makes sense they are making 2 other games, and they are a small studio,its impossible for them to do so much work.

    • Ryan

      I doubt it will be anything other than those 4. They’re just reusing sprites from P4A, BlazBlue and UNIB, they would have to make new sprites for Guilty Gear or P5. They are making Sprites for RWBY characters but I think that’s the exception. if there’s any other games with Sprites like BlazBlue/P4A/UNIB published by ASW, I would say they’re fair game though.

  • Shadowriver

    This may mean P5A won’t come any time soon (if they want to do it ;p), this is 4th game (this, BlazBlue, GuiltyGear Xrd, DragonBall FighterZ) that Arc System Works work actively on and 2nd yet to release game, with one being complitly new game. I think this is too much for smaller studio to handle more or else DBFZ is some new team for which Namco Bandai thrown some money for. One things for sure this proves that Persona fighters are still alive for Arc and Atlus which definitely needed to green light this.

    • BabyMagnum

      Mori is done with Blazblue. Outside of updates there isn’t a new game coming. Daisuke is doing Guilty Gear which is also on ‘update only’ on the base game. Arc is only doing this and DBFZ from the ground up to my knowledge.

  • Vallen

    I’d have preferred P5 Arena tbh

    • Lucas Vinicius

      Me too but make sense the reuse somethings for this game to make a little cheap. And if more sales maybe P5A comes.