BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Yu and Yosuke Gameplay Footage [Update]

Update (2017-10-06): Arc System Works have uploaded their own 7-minute gameplay video showing direct footage from the game.

This year’s New York Comic Con convention is ongoing, and the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle cross-over fighting game featuring Persona 4 Arena is being demoed.

Off-screen footage featuring gameplay of the two currently announced Persona series characters, Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura, has been uploaded.

More footage featuring Yu:

The background stage is the Midnight Channel, from Persona 4 Arena.

Arc System Works Gameplay Footage

Following the Yosuke reveal last month, new playable characters will be announced later this month on an Arc System Works live stream on October 20th at 8:00 PM JST.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has not been given a release date other than 2018, and no platform has been announced for it as of yet.

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  • Strain42

    Soooooo…we all pretty much agree Chie is probably gonna be the next announced Persona character?

    • Lucas Vinicius

      I hope so.

  • BabyMagnum

    There’s a high chance that P3 characters might be in this game.

    • Lucas Vinicius

      I think there is a low chance because they don’t look that will put a lot of characters and its more easy to put just the invastigation team.

      • BabyMagnum

        How? 1) P3 characters were in the previous two fighting games 2)They do not have to make new sprites for them 3)Aigis is one of the most popular Persona 3 girls and is top on polls next to P4 characters outside of the mc from P3 himself. 4)The roster isn’t set in stone. They stated this themselves.

        • Lucas Vinicius

          I hope you are right