BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Update Announced for Spring 2019, Teddie as Playable Character


After the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle grand finals at EVO Japan 2019 today, a new update for the game was announced for Spring 2019.

Teddie from Persona 4 Arena will be one of the new playable characters.


The trailer announced the following new characters, along with the “fifth fate” or series introduced to the game with Arcana Heart:

  1. Naoto Kurogane (BlazBlue: Central Fiction)
  2. Teddie (Persona 4 Arena)
  3. Seth (Under Night In-Birth)
  4. Heart Aino (Arcana Heart 3)

A “sixth fate” is also teased in the trailer, to be revealed at a later date.

The new characters will be released with the arcade release of the game set for Spring 2019, and be offered as DLC for the console versions of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Key Art & Screenshot

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Japan on May 31, 2018, in North America on June 5, 2018, and in Europe on June 22, 2018.