• REMAKE? Wow.

  • Northwest Eagle


  • Kyle15

    This is clearly an enhanced port, I wish they’d stop referring to them as remakes.

    • Cyber_Akuma

      First thing that came to my mind when I heard that. People nowadays have no idea what the difference between a port, remaster, and remake is and use the terms interchangeably.

      • Kyle15

        The other thing, publishers do it too and it’s blatant false-advertising piggybacking on the fact that not everyone knows what these terms mean. It’s not like huge bad no-no just dishonest.

    • ORION

      it has new content, a lot of new content by the looks of it, a new Catherine, this is a major change, this is no enhanced port lol

      • Kyle15

        It doesn’t matter how much content you add to a port, it’s still an enhanced port. lol

        • ORION

          no it’s not, you haven’t seen gameplay yet, it might be transferred to Persona 5 engine, do you understand what a port is? IT’S A PORT, EVERYTHING THE SAME, but it has major new content that is linked to the core of the game, it’s literally changing the whole plot in a major way, it’s NOT the same game

          • Tom

            Soooo… Port+Bundled Expansion?

          • ORION

            we’ll have to see the extent of the new content, if it’s what it seems to be, it’s a huge change to the game’s core, the story will be wildly different

          • CitizenErased

            Persona 4 Golden added new gameplay elements too, but it is still ultimately an enhanced port just like this one. Unless they are changing Catherine into a full fledged JRPG like Persona, then it is still an enhanced port.

          • ORION

            if they changed the engine(unconfirmed) and if the changed the story(confirmed), the game is a remake, sorry, it is just what it is, i’m not making these things

          • CitizenErased

            Nothing’s been confirmed about whether the story is being changed, only that it’s adding in new story content and a new character. Persona 4 Golden did all of those things, but didn’t change the story at all. You are free to assume that though, at best they are probably adding a new alternative ending.

            Arguing what justifies a game being called a remake at point is probably not gonna go anywhere. If the game isn’t being built from the groundup, which I doubt they have the resources to do as they are too busy with Project Fantasy, with any significant gameplay changes then it’s at best an enhanced remaster with updated textures and content like Golden. Resident Evil 4 basically wrote the whole enhanced port formula.

          • James Jeans

            Mass Effect runs on a completely different engine on the PS3, but it plays identical to the PC and Xbox 360 version. I wouldn’t call that a remake.

          • Kyle15

            No it’s not, remaking the game is remaking it again. You’re altering existing content and re-releasing it again, that’s an enhanced port. These damn early screenshots say all that needs to be said. By the way, I bring this up not because I’m criticizing ports or remakes, I bring it up because companies use the language wrong and should probably stop. Then again it’s all marketing to them anyway, and it’s good to market an enhanced port as a remake to audiences who don’t know, and including you, who thinks the definition of “remake” suddenly changes depending.

          • Guilherme Guimarães

            “it might be transferred to Persona 5 engine” hey dumbass, Persona 5 was made in the Catherine engine.

          • Narukami75

            Umm, no it wasn’t, moron. Catherine used gamebryo. They then dropped it for their in house engine on P5

    • Irving Lee

      I could be wrong, but it looks like it’s made in a new engine?

    • asdas

      it’s made in the persona 5 engine instead of the original engine and the story is being seriously altered (third catherine, changes to current routes etc.) i’d call this a remake.

      • Kyle15

        Remake = making the game again

        They’re taking an existing game and adding content to it after porting it to another platform. Ergo, enhanced port. There’s nothing wrong with this, I’m pointing out everyone’s using these terms wrong. It’s not a remake and that’s the bottom line.

        • Milera

          If it’s made in the new engine then it’s definitely a re-make because almost all assets have to be made from the scratch.

          • CitizenErased

            The Yakuza games reuses assets all the time, even with the engine changes, so I’m not sure what you are saying is true.

          • Kyle15

            You can port a game to another engine. That’s part of what porting can entail. A chunk of these re-releases you see all the time are enhanced ports and rarely are they actually remakes like they say.

      • Milera

        Are you certain? Then persona 5 can be easily ported for vita

    • sillyfudgemonkeys

      Uhhhhh it’s a remake, not an enhanced port…. There’s literally a new character in there along with new scenes……I thought an enhanced port was where there wasn’t new content (along with possibly having new graphics)?

      • James Jeans

        Persona 4: Golden was an enhanced port: it adds a new character, new social links, and new scenarios, but it uses the same code as the original as a baseline. Games like The Crash Collection, Ratchet & Clank for the PS4, and the upcoming Medievil are remakes, because they rebuild the game from the ground up.

        • sillyfudgemonkeys

          Ah ok that makes sense, thanks! Then again they might be using P5’s new engine so maybe they rebuilt it, but that’s unlikely. XD

    • AuricGoldfinger

      Literally just beat this game for the first time back in August on my xbox one. Currently playing through my backlog (Metal Gear Rising, Killer is Dead, Shadow of the Damned) If it’s significantly different, I’ll pick it up for my Vita.

  • Antisadism

    It better have an online mode

    • Mitchell Lubline

      Online ruined most of gaming. 99% Don’t deserve an online let alone to even keep being made. Example call of duty it’s the same game just different skins and weapons.

      • CitizenErased

        I think he is talking about the multiplayer that was in the original Catherine, he would like an online feature for that which I can totally understand.

      • Catherine’s multiplayer mode has a competitive scene, I’m dead serious about this. I support the inclusion of an online mode.

  • Greg Morris

    “We done with the Vita”


    Time to crack out my portable boi again.

  • Kane


  • I wonder how will they spell the name of the third Catherine. Qatherine?

  • moreover

    All of my yay for the vita.

  • Strain42

    General Guide to Enhanced Ports/Remakes/Remasters

    Enhanced Port: Bringing a game (usually) from one console to another, while often adding new things to the game. Story scenes, characters, etc. Examples include: Persona 4 Golden, Deep Strange Journey, and of course, Catherine: Full Body

    Remake: Building a new version of an old game from the ground up. This may or may not include new content not present in the original version. Examples include: Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Metroid: Samus Returns, and the upcoming Secret of Mana remake.

    Remaster: Porting the game to a new console, but polishing it to look modern day pretty. Examples include: …Just about any PS4 game that used to be on the PS3. Seriously, take your pick. God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Devil May Cry Trilogy, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the list goes on.

    Feel free to correct me if I’ve made any errors here, but this guide should help people try to remember what’s what when it comes to ports vs. remakes. Just remember, new content doesn’t automatically make something a remake. If you take a suit to a tailor to get some new pockets added, you’re not leaving with a brand new suit.

    And also remember, saying it’s a port isn’t an insult. No one is saying the game is lesser just because it’s not a full blown remake. Port isn’t a jab at something.

    • Kyle15

      All of this. I also forgot to clarify myself that bringing this up isn’t criticizing the act of developing ports or remakes; I bring it up because companies use incorrect terminology for marketing purposes and it’s getting old.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    Dual audio plz

  • Anders Millon

    All these arguments about ‘remake or port’ …

    Meanwhile, I’m just disappointed. Sell me something exciting, not something I’ve already processed.

  • Senpai Otaku

    I thought itd be a Catherine 2 but a remake is awesome!!

  • BabyMagnum

    The comments make me regret being around Atlus fans. No excitement just people either complaining or arguing over schematics except for good guy Greg. Meanwhile I’m excited.