Catherine: Full Body Collaboration with Mobile Game Destiny Child Teased for February 20, 2019 [Update]


Update (2019-02-20): An official Twitter campaign with the Destiny Child account in collaboration with Catherine: Full Body has been launched.

If 5,000 retweets are obtained from now until February 27, three limited 5-star “soul carta” featuring Catherine: Full Body called “Extreme Love Triangle” will be distributed to each Destiny Child account in March 2019.

The below is the image of the soul carta, which may be changed when the collaboration is implemented.


The Japanese representative and manager for the mobile, narrative collectible card game called Destiny Child has teased an upcoming collaboration with Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body.

On February 12th, the artist and director for Destiny Child, Kim Hyung Tae, released an illustration on Twitter celebrating the upcoming release of Catherine: Full Body.

The official account for Atlus’ Studio Zero acknowledged the art, which had Japanese manager for Destiny Child, Gori-san, tweet the following:

An official response!?

This is the chance to collaborate!

Following that, today on February 18th, Gori-san made the following tweet:

It states that Gori-san immediately took an appointment with Atlus and made a visit in Tokyo. He did not expect to meet a “Sheep Man,” and asked him various things (as they bonded with one being a sheep and the other being a gorilla).

He then says “please wait until that day for more details,” referring to the announcement of a collaboration campaign starting on February 20th.

Destiny Child is a narrative mobile collectible card game developed by the Korean developer Shift Up. It was released in South Korea in October 2016, in Japan in November 2017, and globally in December 2018. It features music by Persona 4 vocalist Shihoko Hirata.