Catherine: Full Body Debut Trailer Released, Winter 2018 Release Window Revealed, Full Website Open

During the latest Studio Zero live stream, Atlus released the first preview trailer for the upcoming remake, Catherine: Full Body.

A Japanese release window of Winter 2018 has been revealed. And the previous teaser website for “Full Body” has been fully launched.

The trailer shows off additions to the original game, including the new character Rin, new animated scenes, and the game’s new mechanic where multiple blocks can be linked together and moved, as well as others.

A list of announced additions from a previous post:

New Additions

  • New endings, new story episodes, animated scenes and “sexy events” have been added to the game. There is also more than one new ending.
  • In addition to the original version of the game, the team at Atlus have prepared a wide range of difficulty levels and other adjustments for those who want to enjoy the story in a more convenient way.
  • There is a new mechanic where the player moves blocks where multiple are linked. Part of the new mechanic allows the player to link and move multiple blocks at once which presents new challenges, such as how to move not only cube-shaped blocks, but also blocks that have been linked together.
  • A network/online battle feature has been added. Atlus noticed the surprising popularity of the competitive Catherine scene overseas, and decided to add the ability to challenge others.
  • There is cross-save support planned between PS4 and PS Vita.

Catherine: Full Body is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita, with a Winter 2018 release window in Japan.

Studio Zero


    i’m still saying that she’s not a trap, the game director is just trolling, and i’m basing that on the fact that Vincent had the exact same reaction to Catherine, so the reaction is “omg what have i done last night”, than “omg it’s a pen**”, if it really really turns out to be a trap then i’l just skip the game and take the biggest L of my life and never buy an Atlus game again

    • JudasNero

      Bro… you don’t have to do that to yourself. If it turns out to be a trap then hopefully they’ll add the option to add her appearance in or not. Who knows? Just don’t toture yourself by not playing such great experiences.

      • hama

        Are you two thirteen? You really think having a trans character in the game means you either shouldn’t buy it or hope for the option of including them or not? Grow up, this is pathetic.

        • ORION

          ummm yeah… i’m not into dudes… lol wtf

          • hama

            That’s very fortunate news for dudes the world over, but aside from that, nobody cares who you’re into. Fuck off with this homophobic shit.

          • ORION

            umm no, if you’re not into dudes then you’re not enjoying content with dude on dude action wtf are you talking about what’s homophob about that? if i’m straight i’m forced to do it with a gay guy or else i’m a homofob? wtf? get out of here with that shit man, I DON’T WANT YOU, that’s why TRUMP WON, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

          • shit

            Lmao you’re a moron! Getting so mad over cartoon waifu games cause you’re an ugly straight boy who can’t get a real girlfriend

          • Strain42

            Not being into men is fine.
            Not being into penises is fine.
            Referring to a female character that may or may not have a penis as male is transphobic, childish, and ignorant.

            If you don’t like how Rin turns out, fine, don’t play it. You’ll always have the original game. I personally hate how Strange Journey Redux turned out, but it’s not stopping me from enjoying the original DS version.

          • ORION

            “Referring to a female character that may or may not have a penis as male is transphobic, childish, and ignorant.”

            see, this is the type of shit that made Trump president, it’s you people that push your “ideas” on us normal people, just because a guy had sex changes or considers himself a female, i’m not obligated to do the same, and i’m not “transphobic, childish, and ignorant.” or whatever else you want to call it, it’s my freedom of speech and freedom in general, and i won’t give it up because you’re too sensitive, if you can’t understand that then you can get deported and have fun over the wall

        • JudasNero

          What are you talking about I support this decision. I’ll welcome this game with open arms, but for the people that wanted to enjoy the vanilla law vs chaos theme of the game then there should be an option to allow for this third option to not interrupt the original story. You gotta read the whole convo mate.

    • Ao

      Poor you.

    • trigger91

      Or maybe Rin has both.

      • ORION

        bruh stop it:
        1) the game is made by a guy that had all his art directors make the females sexier than their original design in Persona 5
        2) the main character of the game is Vincent and the game is about his struggle with the game’s “curse”(a succubus killing men), Rin is supposed to help him with that, if she was a man crossdressing or had a sex change from a man then she would still have nightmares herself, so she can’t help Vincent at all in that situation
        3) Vincent is the last guy in the world to go for something like that, he likes hot blonde females with big tits and ass, Rin is presented as a love interest, only way she will be one is if she’s great in bed

        and i could give you 10 more points like that

        i’m telling you, this is just a troll marketing campaign ploy, “is she a trap?? find out next time on Catherine Ball Z!!!!!”

        she will turn out to either be just a regular girl or a supernatural being like an angel or a succubus or just a demon, BUT, if they are really crazy, she will turn out to be a lot younger to the point that it would be a problem for Vincent? something like that, they didn’t show as her age, it had question marks in the age category so that’s interesting

        it’s true that we got a lot of hints that she’s more than meets the eye, but to say that it has anything to do with sex/gender it will go 100% against the game’s plot and main character,s personality, if they do that then i’ll just skip the game unless it has a play the original version mode, nothing against “diverse people”, but i don’t want anything to do with stuff like that, Erica was just a side character so that was OK, but if they bring it into the main plot also and force me to have a love interest with a character like that, then nah fam, i’m out, also if they go that route, then may God be with them because the wrath of PC/SJW soyboys will strike them like the wrath of God

        • JudasNero

          C’mon dude don’t be another Auragar. Let’s all just enjoy this new wacky tale in the end it might just be a great game.

          • ORION

            i’m not into dudes

          • JudasNero

            Me neither. Hashino has never failed in making such great stories, so I’m going stay aboard this hype train.

    • BabyMagnum

      If you are getting mad over something small as a penis then I have news for you. You should just chill out.

      • ORION

        you chill out, if you’re into dudes doesn’t mean everybody is, in fact, you’re in the very very minority, i’m here in the hot real women loving land, where most of us males are

        • BabyMagnum

          I like both but getting mad and ruffled up about something that isn’t even confirmed or not is downright silly mate.

          Minority where? I don’t live in America. Or Europe.

          • ORION

            minority IN THE WORLD, in the MANKING, in the HUMAN SPECIES, and yes it’s worth getting mad wtf? ATLUS is playing with us, this is a game breaker for me

          • BabyMagnum

            It’s not really worth getting mad over it honestly mate. It’s like getting mad over an anime just because your couple of choice didn’t win. It’s just a game. You don’t have to buy it. I’m buying two or three copies anyway. Although you getting mad and judging is kind of the reaction that Atlus wants in the first place.

          • ORION

            i know it’s what Atlus wants, that’s why i’m mad cause atlus is playing this troll marketing campaign instead of just announcing already what’s the deal, just say what Rin is and be done with it, why do i have to wait months now to find out maybe even a year, i don’t want to be hyped for the game one year then just find out what it is, i want to know now so i know if i want to be hype or now wtf