Catherine: Full Body Famitsu DX Pack Announced, Features New Art of Rin


Catherine: Full Body will launch in Japan on February 14, 2019, and the Atlus D Shop has announced a Famitsu DX Pack release bundled with limited original merchandise.

Catherine: Full Body Famitsu DX Pack (with bonuses)

  • Price:
    • Limited Edition Famitsu DX Pack: 19,310 yen (including tax)
    • Normal Version Famitsu DX Pack: 12,830 yen (including tax)
  • Release Date: February 14, 2019
  • SKUs: PS4 / PS Vita
  • Manufacturer: Atlus
  • Product Link
  • Content:
    • PS4 / PS Vita game “Catherine: Full Body” (Dynamite Full Body BOX / Regular Edition)
    • B2 Tapestry
    • Clear File
    • Temptation Bromide Set (3 types)
    • Metamo Mug Cup
    • Clear Coat Pouch with Acrylic Charm

Famitsu DX Pack Contents

Catherine: Full Body B2 Tapestry

A B2 size (215 x 728 mm) tapestry featuring Rin.

Catherine: Full Body Clear File

An A4 size clear file design featuring the cover art of the game.

Catherine: Full Body Temptation Bromide Set (3 types)

A bromide set featuring all three Catherines vying to capture your heart.

Catherine: Full Body Metamo Mug Cup

A mug using a special type of ink that reacts to temperature from a hot drink. The design will be an original motif with the logo of this game.

Catherine: Full Body Clear Coat Pouch with Acrylic Charm

A pouch with a design printed in cloth, wrapped in a PVC clear vinyl material protecting it from dirt. An acrylic charm is also included, attached to the zipper.

  • Size: Approx. W 200 x H 130 mm
  • Material: Polyester, PVC, Acrylic

Catherine: Full Body will launch on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, 2019. It will be released for the PS4 (with potentially no Vita release) in 2019 in the West.