Catherine: Full Body First Details, Online Multiplayer, New Endings, Minor Project Re Fantasy Information


Following the announcement of Catherine: Full Body earlier today, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine features new information on the game, including details on the third girl known as “Rin,” some of the new mechanics featured in the game, and more preliminary details.

This information has been leaked via Ryokutya2089, and Hachima Kikou:

Story Details

  • The third “Catherine” is named Rin (voiced by Aya Hirano). She was hired as a pianist at the Stray Sheep bar, where Vincent runs into her. She has a gentle and more docile personality compared to the other two “Catherines.” Rin’s involvement in the story will split between Catherine and Katherine.
  • Rin appears to lack in social etiquette, but she supports Vincent through his nightmares as a healing force by presenting him with a new sense of values.
  • The new “Catherine’s” real name and age are unknown.

New Additions

  • New endings, new story episodes, animated scenes and “sexy events” have been added to the game. There is also more than one new ending.
  • In addition to the original version of the game, the team at Atlus have prepared a wide range of difficulty levels and other adjustments for those who want to enjoy the story in a more convenient way.
  • There is a new mechanic where the player moves blocks where multiple are linked. Part of the new mechanic allows the player to link and move multiple blocks at once which presents new challenges, such as how to move not only cube-shaped blocks, but also blocks that have been linked together.
  • A network/online battle feature has been added. Atlus noticed the surprising popularity of the competitive Catherine scene overseas, and decided to add the ability to challenge others.
  • There is cross-save support planned between PS4 and PS Vita.

Development Details

  • Catherine: Full Body is a joint effort between the team at Atlus and their team at Studio Zero.
  • The subtitle “Full Body” was chosen because of the term for wine, and it is meant to symbolize an even richer experience and more erotic new Catherine.
  • Development of the game is currently 50% complete.
  • The release window and price have yet to be announced.
  • Development staff include:
    • Director: Kenichi Gotoh
    • Creative Producer: Katsura Hashino
    • Character art & Designer: Shigenori Soejima
    • Sound Composer: Shoji Meguro
  • The director, Kenichi Gotoh, adjusted the parts of the game that were too difficult through his involvement in the original version. Gotoh was also behind the battle system tuning for Persona 5.
  • The scenario is mainly being written and produced by full-time staff.

Project Re Fantasy

The magazine also had some information on the involvement of Studio Zero and some small updates on Project Re Fantasy:

  • The idea and direction of Project Re Fantasy has been solidified. There is a sense amongst the team that “there’s something compelling that could definitely be made.”
  • Studio Zero does not yet have a sufficient amount of programmers and designers, although talented individuals have joined the studio.
  • The development of this game is being done by the full-time staff at Atlus and Studio Zero, and the team feels it is important that there is a creative resonance between the teams. Therefore, they feel working together on Catherine: Full Body will have a positive influence on Studio Zero.
  • Catherine: Full Body and Project Re Fantasy may seem very different at first glance due to their genre, but they are connected by their developers.

Catherine: Full Body is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita, with a release date in Japan to be announced at a later date.

— Ryokutya2089 (2) via Hachima Kikou, [email protected]