Catherine: Full Body Joker Gameplay Video


Atlus has released a video showing 7 minutes of gameplay playing as Persona 5’s Joker in Babel mode in Catherine: Full Body

The footage features uncut gameplay of a complete stage, including a scene featuring the Phantom Thieves following completion of the stage.

Previous footage featuring Joker was released at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Tokyo event.

Joker will be available as DLC in all first-print editions of the game. He will be playable in the Babel and Colosseum modes. Completing stages as Joker will also unlock scenes featuring the Phantom Thieves interacting.

Official Website Update

The official website for Catherine: Full Body has added his friends Jonny, Orlando, and Toby to the character page.

Demo Event

Public demo events for Catherine: Full Body will start taking place in Japan on January 12, 2019. A special trial version of the game with story scenes, and with the newly added “Safety” difficulty, will be available.

The demo events will take place at several retail venues, ending on February 3, 2019.

Catherine: Full Body will launch on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, 2019. It will be released for the PS4 (with potentially no Vita release) in 2019 in the West.

— Atlus (1, 2)