Chinese Version of Persona 5 to be Released on September 15, 2016

According to a new Persona 5 listing by the online retailer Play-Asia, an Asian version of the upcoming RPG with Chinese subtitles is slated for release on September 15, 2016.

The news has also been posted on Play-Asia’s official Sina Weibo page, which is a Chinese microblogging platform.

Play-Asia Sina Weibo

China reported that the country would lift its 14-year ban on video game console sales in July 2015. This Chinese subtitled version of Persona 5 will therefore be PS4 exclusive.

The Play-Asia listing’s price for the Chinese PS4 version is currently $55.99 US, while the Japanese PS4 version is listed at $82.99 US.

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016, simultaneously with the Chinese version on PS4. The upcoming RPG has a February 14, 2017 North American release date.

  • Ain’t that some bullshit lol.

  • sillyfudgemonkeys

    Lucky they get it earlier. ;w; But it’s probs cause they don’t have to dub it…. Nonetheless, I wonder if they’ll get a pre-order bonus thing too….

    • Meilany Elizabeth

      Yeah and from what i see they only got regular version of ps4

    • dominationkid.

      We never get any foreign games with chinese dub, it would be soooooo weird and i’d probably refuse to buy it lol. (voice acting is not really a thing here)

      • Crispian11

        I like China already

      • haku67

        Dynasty warriors 4 came with three languages. Japanese, English, and Chinese.
        also when you say ‘here’ I’m assuming you mean The United states sorry if you mean somewhere else.
        also sorry for replying to an old post.


    Chinese subtitles with Japanese audio? Well done Atlus thanks for not doing the same in America and Europe

  • Noobster

    I seen some JRPG’s released in chinese earlier than english version. But this news is hurtful. Seems like Atlus didn’t put much effort for English players. Maybe I am just whining because of the release date so far away. T_T

    • sillyfudgemonkeys

      I think it’s cause the Chinese devs got the game MUCH earlier than AtlusUSA (if E3 is anything to go by, they had just gotten the game probs a week or so ago judging by how unprepared they were)… if that is the case….it’s not AtlusUSA they had to wait to get the game to start translating. ;w;

      • Yuuki

        well they have to build a market on chinese so yeah its kinda understandable.

  • dominationkid.

    感謝ATLUS(THANKS TO ATLUS)!!! And the Translation Team in Taiwan(yes it is done in Taiwan instead of China)!!!!! I’m like asdjfkals;djfkl;asj right now!!!! so excited!!!!

    • congrats! :^)

      • dominationkid.

        Thank you, i do wish they can do the same for NA / Europe and other countries too. I believe most ppl wouldn’t mind it w/o English dub.. :/

        • LightSong

          While we as fans work our butt of like @youtube/wytesong
          trying to keep the hype up

          • dominationkid.

            you’re Wyte’s bro/sis? hi hi nice to meet you~^^

  • Mintos

    I feel like I got screw over so badly man

  • Cavern

    lol as if it wasn’t difficult enough to dodge spoilers. We now have two regions who gets 5 months before NA.

  • Metalsnakezero

    What with the negativity towards Atlus recently? Their doing the best they can to get us the games.

  • Charlton Khoo

    Thk god i am chinese

    • ash

      haha! Yeah, Thank God I am Chinese too, lol!

      • Azzrem

        Well then fuck me for not being chinese….i mean it ._.

        • Batter up… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        • ash

          o(><*)o NO! NO! NO!

  • Ok, maybe we’ll get lucky with an “Asian” version that has English subs out on the 15th as well…

    • Azzrem

      Im very very very hopeful for this!!

  • Mr.Sammich

    Damn, why is everyone being so sour about this, instead of just being happy for Chinese gamers?

  • Irving Lee

    Thank my Chinese ass I know a bit of Mandarin.

  • Levi Johnson

    Man I’m hoping there’s an Asian version with English subs released randomly, they do that sometimes. Because I’m near fluent at speaking Japanese (lived there for a few years) but I can’t read at all… Importing and worried about demon negotiation and non voiced minor characters :/