Comiket Plus Vol. 12 Features Persona 5, Special Illustrations


Comic Market (or Comiket) is a large Japanese doujinshi (independent fan works) convention which takes place biannually (summer and winter). The upcoming event will be Comiket 96, taking place from August 9 to August 12, 2019.

“Comiket Plus” is an official magazine prepared by the Comic market Preparation Committee designed to support the event and provide information to help people—typically new attendees—enjoy the event. Additionally, the magazine covers a variety of topics related to comics and otaku culture, which will also be of interest to experienced participants to Comiket.

Volume 12 of Comiket Plus is centered around Persona 5.

Comiket Plus Vol. 12

The cover is illustrated by Noizi Ito.

Postcards From Participating Artists


The first set of postcards included with the magazine will be distributed as a bonus to Gamers retailer orders. Illustrated by CHANxCO featuring Futaba & Morgana, as well as one featuring the cover by Noizi Ito.

The second set of postcards will be included with Animate retailer orders. They’re illustrated by Kuroi Susumu featuring the protagonist, as well as the main cover one.

The third set features an illustration of Sadayo Kawakami by Hizuki Akira, as well as the main cover one. This is a purchase bonus at Melonbooks.

The fourth set features postcards with an illustration of Goro Akechi by Ayattuji, as well as the main cover one.

Persona 5 Special Feature Content

  • History of the Persona series up to now.
  • An overview of the Persona 5 world with 14 keywords.
  • The characters of the Persona 5 world.
  • Popularity polls divided between the Phantom Thieves and the Confidants.
  • Persona cosplay gallery.
  • Recommended Persona fan groups.
  • Persona 5 Q&A
  • Special illustrations:
    • CHANxCO / Kuroi Susumu / Hizuki Akira / Ayattuji
  • “What is Persona 5‘s charm?” manga report by Bonkara (sokusekimaou)
  • Persona 5 quiz.
  • An announcement of lower ranking popularity polls.
  • What the readers think makes Persona‘s charm.

C96 Official First Comiket Participation Manual

  • Schedule and genre of the first four days.
  • How to obtain a wristband type participation certificate.
  • The nearest station & surrounding area map (with convenience store locations) for the main hall and Aomi exhibition hall.
  • C96 West / South exhibition hall entrance map.
  • C96 Aomi exhibition hall entrance expected lines.
  • C96 simple Q&A.

Tokyo City Guide Summer 2019

  • Annex
  • Special feature on restaurants around the Aomi exhibition hall.


  • C96 company booth exhibition information.
  • C95 after report.
  • Heisei period final summary
  • Excavation! Unique “Health Care” club activities.
  • A look at the people to look out for!
  • A note for people to tell about their older fan groups.
  • Basic knowledge of Comiket terminology.
  • More

Product Details

  • Issuer: Builtruns
  • Release: Media Pal
  • Format: B5
  • Lanugage: Japanese
  • Pages: 96 pages
  • Price: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)

The magazine is currently available for order on the Builtruns website. Comiket Plus Vol. 12 will be released on July 23, 2019.