Digital Devil Selection Brand Jewelry Halloween and Christmas Collections, 1st Anniversary Necklace


Following August’s “P-Dance” collaboration with the Digital Devil Selection line of Shin Megami Tensei inspired jewelry, Halloween and Christmas collections have been announced, alongside a necklace celebrating the first anniversary of DDS.

Koichiro Hatsuda is the designer behind these items, and he has been working on Atlus products since 2012.

Trick or Treat!


A new necklace inspired by the demon Jack-o’-lantern from the Shin Megami Tensei series, released for Halloween.

Jack-o’-lantern [Collection]

A version of the Jack-o’-lantern that glows in the dark.

  • Price: 36,800 yen + Tax
  • Material: Brass / Silver / Plating / Luminous Unit
  • Atlus D Shop Link

Christmas Fair 2018

From October 16, 2018 to December 25, 2018, Christmas versions of previously released jewelry can be ordered as part of an event.

Jack Frost Ring – Thin [The Christmas]

The popular thing Jack Frost Ring appears for Christmas in a limited pink gold edition. The designer comments that many wished for a pink gold version of this ring.

Jack Frost Necklace – Thin [The Christmas]

A pink gold version of the previously released Jack Frost Necklace – Thin.

Jack Frost Earrings – Thin [The Christmas]

A pink gold version of the previously released Jack Frost Earrings – Thin.

  • Price:
    • Single: 79,800 yen + Tax
    • Twin: 139,800 + Tax
  • Material: K18PG / Diamond
  • Atlus D Shop Links (Single / Twin)

Jack Frost Bell [The Christmas]

A Christmas version of the newly introduced 1st anniversary DDS item—the Jack Frost Bell necklace—in a pink gold color.

1st Anniversary

The Digital Devil Selection brand was established on December 2, 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Shin Megami Tensei series.

To commemorate the first anniversary of DDS in December 2018, an anniversary item called the “Jack Frost Bell Necklace” is open for reservations.

Jack Frost Bell [1st Anniversary]

A necklace of Jack Frost with Pixie lounging on top of his hat. The tinkle of the bell is meant to evoke the joy that is the 1st anniversary of DDS.

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