Don’t Worry, We Won’t Be Spoiling Persona 5 for You

With one week left until the Japanese release of the game some have been waiting eight years for, there’s naturally an increase in wariness from fans when it comes to Persona 5 reports due to the fear of spoilers.

So I wanted to explicitly address the issue with this simple statement: Persona Central will not spoil Persona 5 for you.

This applies to the articles on this site, and extends to the social media pages as well. We won’t be writing headlines or tweeting out pictures that will ruin surprises, the story or any other element of the game for people in any way. We’ve done this for previous games we’ve covered, too, but we’re emphasizing the point for Persona 5.

Essentially, the following is the kind of media that we will consider to be in spoiler territory:

  • In-game content provided by any non-Atlus party post-release (this includes consumers and other media outlets).
  • In-game content provided by Atlus post-release that is pretty significant and hasn’t been written about by Persona Central previously.
  • Post-release merchandise with content or descriptions (e.g. an art book cover featuring a new character or original soundtrack song names) that alludes to story details.

Some of the above will be reported on (e.g. an eventual OST release with a track list), but there will never be a headline or header image that contains spoilers.

Additionally, any Persona 5 news reported on that contains potential spoilers will include the following label in the headline: [Spoilers]Within the articles themselves, we’ll also put an additional warning so that people don’t get accidentally spoiled.

We’ll be disabling the “Latest Comments” section on the front page for an indefinite amount of time following the game’s release, to prevent people from spoiling the game through there. Naturally, we’ll also be very strict when it comes to moderating comments for spoilers as well, and we won’t hesitate to shut down a discussion if its potential for spoilers becomes too high.

If you want to post anything even remotely alluding to something that happens in Persona 5 in the comments below posts, wrap the entire thing in the HTML spoiler tag (i.e. “<spoiler>SPOILER</spoiler>.” Be considerate for people who do not want to see that information, even if you do not mind it.

Persona 5 Adieu

That’s about it! Basically, again, we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure you can continue following Persona Central for future Atlus news, without needing to think about the possibility that we might spoil Persona 5 for you.

  • Elemiel

    That’s actually really nice, now I don’t have to avoid this site until February. Thanks!

  • Thanks, really appreciate this!

  • finalmoose

    Thanks :)

  • Levi Johnson

    Appreciated. That being said though this is gonna be ridiculously hard for the general public to avoid spoilers. A game as big as this with a 6 month localisation wait in the Twitter/Twitch age I feel is near unprecedented, honestly. It’s not the olden days where a jrpg barely had exposure during the localisation wait. All the recent high profile games like Final Fantasy and Dark Souls and whatnot have been quick to be released over here, yet even Dark Souls which had a 3-week interim got destroyed online (spoiler wise). Of course there’s a bunch of other niche Japanese games that take ages to release over here but I feel Persona has surpassed that status. We’ll see how it goes. And hopefully whatever happens works in Atlus’ favour.

  • Noice.

  • 2B

    I love you.

  • Lord Shiru

    Great ! Well I’ll get the game next week so no problem for me :).

  • RiotDX

    [Spoiler] The killer was Nanako all along.

    Seriously though, with a 6 month wait I’m 99% sure major plot points are going to get spoiled for me, even if by accident. All it will take is one visit to the Megami Tensei wiki for details about a few demons in Devil Survivor and I’ll see some tidbit of new information they’ve just added from Persona 5.

  • GazGabriel


    • GazGabriel

      IT WORKS

  • Orangezforus

    i just wanna see the persona for our little detective friend

  • City High, Touch the Sky

    Thanks guys! Hoping the wait won’t be too bad, I managed to avoid spoilers for all the spinoff games without really changing my online habit. P5 is definitely a lot more anticipated though so I’ll still practice precaution.

  • I feel that as years pass by Atlus is doing an increasingly good job at internatlization and publicity – but still a bit of a novice. The recent high profile events are a pointer to how they are treating these things important now – but the fact that they still mostly focus on Japan region shows they are still not as prepared (compared with something such as Final Fantasy). Especially given they are now a subsidiary of SEGA, one would expect the localisation would go more smoothly (many other big SEGA titles have fast international releases, or at least asian releases e.g. Chinese). 5 months is still slow, really. This is not like Xseeds where there is less profit driving behind and risk could be high – this is real market here, and I’m a bit disappointed that they haven’t matured yet enough to match the hype (and thus make the hype less hurtful in terms of spoilers etc.) but hopefully one day they’ll be better.

  • NoelHighBird

    I think the one way to really minimise the way of accidental spoilers is log out
    of youtube,and watch only whats popular/trending there,meaning no
    persona content watsoweaver so no persona videos with spoilerish
    thumbnails appear suggested by youtube, don’t look at the comment
    section of any persona videos u see(be it music/news/PV) and not look
    comments in this page perhaps….or burn your PC…either way,reall gratefull for you guys and love all your work!!thanks a lot for the info along these years!!

  • James Jeans

    Yeah, I’m concerned about the big gap between the Japanese and English release due almost entirely to the potential for running across spoilers. The internet is a very different place from when Persona 3 and 4 were originally released, it can be quite difficult tiptoeing through minefields you didn’t even know existed.

    Saying that: I definitely want to know when the OST is available. I’ll probably be buying it before the game comes out, but I won’t bother putting English title tags onto it until after I’ve played it.

  • I’ll test the spoiler tag, just in case… It works!