Dragon’s Crown Pro Japanese Retailer Pre-Order Bonuses


The “Shopping Guide” list of retailer exclusive pre-order bonuses for the Japanese release of Dragon’s Crown Pro has been fully updated today.

Animate Online Shop / Can Badge Set of 2

Amazon Japan / Original PS4 Theme

Acrylic Diorama Stand

Imagine WEB Shop / Large Fabric Poster

Ebten / Famitsu DX Pack / Famitsu DX Pack 3D Crystal Set

GEO / A4 Clear File

COMG! / Q-Card

7net Shopping / Digital Wallpaper

Sofmap / B2 Tapestry

Neowing / A3 Size Poster

fammys.com / B2 Fabric Poster

Futaba Books / IC Card Sticker

WonderGOO / Lunch Mat

Dragon’s Crown Pro will be released for the PlayStation 4, in Japan, on February 8, 2018.