Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation First Gameplay Footage, TGS 2017 Demo Details


During the Tokyo Game Show 2017 Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation stage event #1, the first live gameplay footage for the game was shown.

This follows the previously released trailer.

Gameplay Footage

VR Demo Footage

A virtual reality demo where players can interact with demons in first-person can also be experienced at TGS 2017. Footage for this demo was shown during the stage event.

TGS 2017 Demo Information

Additionally, Famitsu has released an article with details for the playable demo of the game at TGS 2017.

  • The demo automatically ends 12 minutes in, so players who will not be playing the game repeatedly should manage their time well. There was one reporter who accidentally spent all his available time fusing demons.
  • The tutorial begins with Megakin, the navigator, who was  a popular video distributor on “Mega Tube.” He tells the player about the battle system, such as describing weak points.
  • The only reward for battling in the demo version of the game is macca (the in-game currency), but experience points will be distributed in the actual game.
  • Once the tutorial battle ends, the player can progress freely through the 3 available pieces of content during the demo:
    • Story Mode
    • Aura Gate
    • Demon Fusion
  • Story Mode: The entirety of chapter 1 can be played (within the time limit). The actual story is not included in this, with only combat being available. Negotiation with demons is enabled here.
  • Aura Gate: The “Aura Gate” will allow the player to explore 3D dungeons, and to challenge themselves to get as far as possible. Encountering the boss and defeating it allows players to progress to the next floor. In the demo version, only the first floor is available.
  • Demon Fusion: The series staple, demon fusion, is available in the demo. Players can make various combinations of demons with this.

Information App

An information app for Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation has been released for Android devices in Japan, with an iOS version to be distributed later.

The latest information on the game will be delivered through it. This includes news, videos, promotional campaigns, and social media posts.

Famitsu, 4Gamer