Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Smartphone Game Announced

Update (2017-09-06): Scans from Weekly Famitsu issue #1501 added to the bottom of this post.


Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation, a smartphone Shin Megami Tensei game to be developed by Sega, has been announced via leaks from Weekly Famitsu magazine issue #1501. The game will release on iOS and Android.

The game will be an RPG, and feature two conflicting organisations: “Liberators,” which the protagonist will belong to, and “Acolytes.”

Further information will be revealed via a mega screen in Akihabara in a few days. Weekly Famitsu #1501 will be released on Thursday, September 7 in Japan. More details will be revealed in the following issue #1502 to be released on Thursday, September 14, which will feature an interview about the game and ingame screenshots.

Sega recently launched a teaser site for the title. The teaser site features several character silhouettes, and hints at a collaboration.

Weekly Famitsu #1501 Scans

Ryokutya2089 (via Gematsu)Hachima Kikou

  • I hope we get a localization…

    • Senpai Otaku

      This is Sega so as much as i want it. I doubt it

      • Iftekhar Ahmed

        If this doesn’t get localised, blame the format. Especially if it turns out to be a gacha game.

        • Senpai Otaku

          its on smartphone,so they could port onto switch or something and then wing it from there.

          • Iftekhar Ahmed

            If it isn’t free to play, then yeah, I can see that as a possibility.

          • Darkholme

            fuck you son of a bitch

          • Iftekhar Ahmed

            You wanna get blocked here too? because I can get a moderator to do that here.

          • Senpai Otaku

            i just saw the gameplay images. what a shitty game