Eighty Sixed Reveals Persona 5 T-Shirt Collection


The video game apparel company Eighty Sixed has revealed their official Persona 5 range of T-Shirts, with the collection available on their website.

All T-Shirts are available online for $24 USD each.


Removing ones mask is a rite of passage, and for the Phantom Thieves, each mask is infused with their unique sense of rebellion. Donning this shirt won’t grant you the ability to command a persona, but it may help lead you to encounter allies who share your aesthetics.


IX L’Hermite
The Hermit confidant, Futaba, lives up to the title. But she’s a girl of many talents and makes for one stylish Persona 5 tee!

Shujin Academy

Nestled in the Aoyama-Itchome district of Tokyo, Shujin Academy is the elite prep school from Persona 5. The Academy is strictly for the best of the best students. Be sure to check out all the extracurriculars: sports, gardening, reforming society, student council and more!

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This is it, the enemy is weak! It’s time for an all-out attack! This Persona 5 tee is sure to be a critical hit!

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Eighty Sixed