English Release of Caligula Possibly Renamed to ‘The Caligula Effect’


The PS Vita RPG Caligula, previously announced to be released by Atlus USA in Spring 2017, has recently been added to the Australian Government Classification Database by the name “The Caligula Effect.”

The date of classification was on March 8, 2017 in the category “Computer Games,” with Atlus USA as the applicant and FuRyu as the author.

The game has been classified as “M” for “Mature themes” with the following specifications:

  • Themes: Moderate impact
  • Violence: Mild impact
  • Language: Mild impact
  • Nudity: Very mild impact
  • Sex: Mild impact

While it has not officially been confirmed, the originally named Caligula could have been renamed to The Caligula Effect for its upcoming English release.

Game Overview

Caligula is an RPG written by Tadashi Satomi, the writer behind PersonaPersona 2: Innocent Sin, and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. He was also responsible for the scenario in the Digital Devil Saga games.

Caligula focuses around modern pathology and trauma, as a new “juvenile school RPG.” The game takes place around the virtual reality world of “Mobius,” revolving around nine men and women who seek to return to the real world from a virtual one set in high school.

The title of the game is derived from the “Caligula Effect,” a term describing one’s significant desire for something they’re not permitted to have. The initial tagline for the game is “Can you kill an idol?”

Key staff members of the game are:

  • Director: Takuya Yamanaka (FuRyu)
  • Scenario Writer: Tadashi Satomi (Freelance)
  • Illustrator: Oguchi (Freelance)
  • Composer: Tsukasa Mako

Caligula was released on June 23, 2016 release in Japan for the PlayStation Vita, with a Spring 2017 release in North America and Europe.

Australian Government Classification Database