Etrian Odyssey V DLC Screenshots, Character Poll Results


New screenshots for Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth have been released, along with the results of a fan questionnaire that took place earlier last month.

Character Questionnaire Results

As reported previously, the cover for the issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine releasing on August 4, 2016 (the same day as the release date for Etrian Odyssey V) will feature a Yuji Himukai illustration for the upcoming game.

A survey for the magazine cover was released for fans to vote on which character classes they’d want to see featured and in which party positions. The results have been released after a large number of answers.

[Ranking of the classes + appearance options the most often listed in the party compositions]

1st: Dragoon (607 points)

Dragoon 1

2nd: Herbalist (515 points)

Herbalist 1

3rd: Warlock (498 points)

Warlock 2

4th: Hound (492 points)

EOV Hound

  • 5th: Masurao (358 points) / Appearance 1
  • 6th: Necromancer (343 points) / Appearance 1
  • 7th: Reaper (340 points) / Appearance 2
  • 8th: Shaman (313 points) / Appearance 1
  • 9th: Cestus (187 points) / Appearance 4

The appearances for the classes can be found in this previous post and this one.

[Most common party configurations]

  • 3 in the front row + 2 in the back row:
    • Front Row: Fencer (fixed), Dragoon and Masurao
    • Back Row: Herbalist and Warlock
  • 2 in the front row + 3 in the back row:
    • Front Row: Fencer (fixed) and Dragoon
    • Back Row: Hound, Warlock and Herbalist

From the results, this means that the four classes listed above, with their respective appearances, will be the ones featured on the cover of Famitsu magazine releasing on August 4th. This will be alongside the Fencer, who was not part of the survey and will be included by default.

EOV Party
The 5 classes that will be appearing on the Famitsu cover.

The front row will have the Fencer and the Dragoon, while the back row will have the Herbalist, the Warlock and the Hound.

DLC Screenshots

Following the recent scans showing off new Etrian Odyssey V portraits, Famitsu has released screenshots of the cosmetic downloadable content that couldn’t be published in the article.

The contemporary looking “Sailor Uniform Girl” DLC portrait.
The color of the DLC portraits can be freely adjusted, just like normal portraits.
A different color for the “Sweater Wearing Girl” DLC from the Famitsu feature.
A new illustration of the medic from Etrian Odyssey 1. The Paladin (aka Protector) is also included as DLC.
Freely determine the color, customization and class for the portrait.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.