Etrian Odyssey V Famitsu DX Pack Contents


Following the previously announced Famitsu DX Pack limited edition release for Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth, its contents have been shown.

Famitsu DX Pack (Normal Edition)

The regular edition of the Famitsu DX Pack will cost 8,780 yen (excluding tax) and includes a Yuji Himukai illustrated B2 tapestry and a 2-piece mini-plate set.

Yuji Himukai Visual B2 Tapestry

B2 sized (515 x 728 mm), it features a large number of adventurers, which was the cover for the March 17, 2016 issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine.

EOV B2 Tapestry

Yuji Himukai 2-piece Mini-plate set

A set of tableware illustrated by Yuji Himukai. Two small plates with unique illustrations. The diameter of the players is 130 mm.

Famitsu DX Pack (3D Crystal Set)

There is also a “3D Crystal Set” version of the Famitsu DX Pack. This includes the contents of the Famitsu DX Pack, along with a 3D crystal rendition of the “Fencer” class (50 x 80 x 50mm) with a light-up LED stand.

Fencer 3D Crystal

A three-dimensional laser engraving in a crystal cube of the Fencer class. A variety of appearances can be had by installing the cube on the included LED stand accessory, for an interior decoration.

Both versions of the Famitsu DX Packs have a collector’s edition version (13,262 yen including tax for the regular DX Pack, 17,366 yen including tax for the Crystal version), which includes the contents of the regular limited edition of the game:

  • Art book
  • Special DLC
  • Special BOX package

Limited Edition EOV

The “Rough Sketch Ver.” soundtrack along with the 24-page original booklet—first-print copy bonuses for the game—are also included with the Famitsu DX Packs.

First-print copies

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.