Etrian Odyssey V Hound and Shaman Class Introduction Videos


Following the previous Reaper and Necromancer class introduction videos, Atlus has released the Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth final class videos for the Hound and Shaman classes.


As described in a previous edition of Famitsu, Hounds are hunters who use a bow in order to attack and also call upon the help of a hawk for offensive-based techniques, and a hunting dog for support abilities, such as healing and sealing enemy body parts. Both the hawk and the dog can be used simultaneously depending on the skills the Hound learns.

Notable Skills

  • Hawk Flute: Calls the hawk. This can also be used while dungeon exploring.
  • Twin Wing Flash: The hawk hits a single enemy with a high priority attack and, at the end of the enemy turn, the hawk attacks the entire row.
  • Dog Flute: Calls the dog. This can also be used while dungeon exploring.
  • Rescue Order: Commands the dog to heal a single ally’s HP as well as their status ailments.


As described in a previous edition of Famitsu, Shamans are priests who can communicate with invisible beings in order to heal allies and make them more powerful.

Notable Skills

  • Prayer: Tutelary God: Raises the defense of all allies for 3 turns.
  • Gospel: When this skill is in effect and an ability is used that strengthens an ally, their HP will also be healed.
  • Oracle: Wind Dance: If Prayer: Blaze, Ice Rain or Purple Lightning is used, Oracle will change its effect into a long-range attack that damages all enemies with its respective element and lowers their resistance to that element until the turn ends.

Website Update

The Hound class page and the Shaman one on the official website for Etrian Odyssey V was updated with each of the four appearance options previously released.



An introduction to the “two Titles” of the Fencer class (previous detailed here) has been added to its page.

The Witch Twilight Tavern (previously detailed here) has been added to the System page.

Twilight Witch Bar

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.