Etrian Odyssey V Information on 5 Classes and Class Mastery


Nintendo Everything has translated the details from last week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine which contained an Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth eight-page feature on the remaining classes in the game (Cestus, Reaper, Necromancer, Hound and Shaman) as well as the “Titles” mastery system.


Reaper (Earthrun race)

EOV Reaper

Uses a scythe to attack and has a unique fighting style that revolves around using miasma to weaken enemies or inflict them with status ailments.

Notable Skills

  • Miasmic Armament: The ability to sacrifice the Reaper’s own HP to change into a battle mode.
  • Exorcism Scythe: A close-range attack using the scythe. If Miasmatic Armament is in effect, this attack will also have the chance to inflict the Curse ailment.
  • Spirit Approach: A dungeon exploration-specific skill. When used, it will send out miasma which will attract enemies, raising the encounter rate and the amount of EXP gained for a specific number of steps.

Cestus (Earthrun race)

EOV Cestus

An offensive class that specializes in attacking with their fists and using seals on enemy body parts. They can also sacrifice their own HP to make use of more powerful abilities.

Notable Skills

  • Arm Break: An attack with the chance to inflict an Arm Seal.
  • Blood Rampage: A counter-based ability that will hit an enemy based on the damage sustained by the Cestus. Each time the Cestus’ HP decreases, there is also a chance that an additional attack will be executed with the weapon’s element.
  • Demon Man Fist: The ability to sacrifice the Cestus’ own HP in order to perform a close-range attack that will damage an enemy, as well as the enemies to its left and right.

Necromancer (Lunaria race)

EOV Necromancer

A technical class which revolves around summoning dead spirits and using them in various ways, for offense, defense and support. A class that is hard to master, but with many options.

Notable Skills

  • Summon Dead Spirit: Sacrifices the Necromancer’s HP to summon a dead spirit. Can also be used while dungeon exploring.
  • Flame Bomb: Transforms a dead spirit into a bomb, which is then used as a long-rage attack with the fire element that damages all enemies.
  • Compensation to Life: Transforms a dead spirit into lifeforce, healing the HP of all party members.

Hound (Therian race)

EOV Hound

Hunters who use a bow in order to attack and also call upon the help of a hawk for offensive-based techniques, and a hunting dog for support abilities, such as healing and sealing enemy body parts. Both the hawk and the dog can be used simultaneously depending on the skills the Hound learns.

Notable Skills

  • Hawk Flute: Calls the hawk. This can also be used while dungeon exploring.
  • Twin Wing Flash: The hawk hits a single enemy with a high priority attack and, at the end of the enemy turn, the hawk attacks the entire row.
  • Dog Flute: Calls the dog. This can also be used while dungeon exploring.
  • Rescue Order: Commands the dog to heal a single ally’s HP as well as their status ailments.

Shaman (Bronie race)

EOV Shaman

More effective when positioned at the back of a team, they are priests who can communicate with invisible beings in order to heal allies and make them more powerful.

Notable Skills

  • Prayer: Tutelary God: Raises the defense of all allies for 3 turns.
  • Gospel: When this skill is in effect and an ability is used that strengthens an ally, their HP will also be healed.
  • Oracle: Wind Dance: If Prayer: Blaze, Ice Rain or Purple Lightning is used, Oracle will change its effect into a long-range attack that damages all enemies with its respective element and lowers their resistance to that element until the turn ends.

Mastery and Titles

When certain requirements are met, a class will reach mastery and at that point, a player is able to choose among one of two “Titles” to give the character. This will grant them with Mastery Skills that change based on the “Title” that was chosen.


Fencer’s Titles and Mastery Skills

Illusion Swordsman (Specializes in evading)

  • Bewitching Swords Dance: This ability disorients the enemy’s sense of distance, decreasing their accuracy to a single row for 3 turns.
  • Sharp Thrust: Attacks an enemy in order for the enemy to pay attention to the Fencer, and it increases the Fecner’s evasion during that turn.

Lightning Swift Swordsman (Specializes in combos)

  • Resonance: A close-range thrusting attack to an enemy whose damage increases depending on the amount of attacks that were activated from Chain Skills on the previous turn.
  • Chain Killer: If the target enemy is inflicted with a status ailment or a seal, the Fencer will perform an additional thrusting attack.

About the Blacksmith

EOV Blacksmith

In the great city of Aeolis, players can sell materials obtained in dungeons to unlock more equipment and items. It’s also possible to use the materials for upgrading weapons.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.

— Nintendo Everything