Etrian Odyssey V Information on Job Change, Facilities, Titles and Master Skills

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Following the Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth feature in the latest Famitsu magazine issue #1432, Perfectly Nintendo and Nintendo Everything has translated the information about the game’s customization, job changes, facilities, the “Title” system and “Master Skills” for five more classes.

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Character Creation

EOV Preview

  • The “jobless” race illustrations for the Earthrun, Therian, Lunaria and Bronie races can be selected for a character’s appearance instead of a class-specific look.

Class Change

  • Similar to other Etrian Odyssey games, characters are able to change their class, however certain requirements must be met.
  • Characters will lose 5 levels when they change class.
  • Characters will maintain their appearance and stats.
  • Characters can change to classes that are not normally available to that race, such as a Therian Cestus (with the Cestus class only being available to the Earthrun race initially) or a Bronie Necromancer (with the Necromancer class only being available to the Lunaria race initially).

City Facilities

Two more facilities in the Great City of Aeolis other than the previously described blacksmith are:

  • Jenetta’s Inn: Players can heal, save and store their items here. Jenetta (voiced by Sakura Nakamura) will take care of any cows or chickens that have been captured in dungeons.
  • Witch Twilight Bar: Players visit this location to receive quests and obtain rewards upon their completion. The quests range from collecting specific materials to defeating specific monsters. The location is managed by a witch called Melina (voice by Akemi Okamura).

Titles and Master Skills

As previously shown for the Fencer class, when certain requirements are met, a class will reach mastery and at that point, a player is able to choose among one of two “Titles / Legendary Names” to give the character. This will grant them with Master Skills that change based on the “Titles / Legendary Name” that was chosen.

Titles and Master skills for five more classes are:


  • Golden Dragon Knight (specializes in guarding)
    • Soul Guard: Lowers the amount of physical damage inflicted on characters in a single row, and allows them to survive fatal attacks with a certain probability.
    • Full Guard: Lowers the amount of damage inflicted on all characters.
  • Heavy Fire Dragon Knight (specializes in gunfire)
    • Bazooka Canon: Deals ranged crush and fire element damage to a single enemy. The closer the Dragoon is to the target, the more damage is dealt.
    • Rapid Cannon: Deals ranged crush damage to an enemy, with the highest priority in the turn it is used.


  • The Death God who Spreads Death (specializes in inflicting status ailments)
    • Cicada’s Husk: The Reaper leaves at the start of the turn, using a Miasma Soldier as a double. This double deals direct damage to a single enemy at the end of the turn, with the Reaper returning to the party afterwards. If the double is killed, the damage will be nullified through a sacrifice by the double.
    • Death Scythe: Deals direct damage to a single enemy, with the possibility of inflicting instant death. The probability increases if the enemy is sleeping.
  • The Death God who Keeps Death Away (specializes in support)
    • Weakening Miasma: Lowers the physical and magical defense of all enemies for 3 turns.
    • Foam Scythe: Removes an enemy’s negative status ailment and subsequently deals physical damage to that enemy for the number of status ailments removed. Example: If 3 negative status effects are removed, physical damage will be dealt 3 times.


  • Shitenichi-Style Warrior (specializes in multi-hit attacks)
    • Multi-Sword Technique: Can equip up to four swords. A normal attack with set damage is launched and, the more swords that are equipped, the more times the Masurao will attack.
    • Flood of Blooming Flowers: Deals direct slash damage to a randomly chosen target. The amount of times the attack is dealt is based on the number of swords equpped and the number of enemies on the field. The formula: (# of swords equipped) * (# of enemies) = (number of attacks dealt). So 2 swords equipped and 3 enemies on the field will result in 6 attacks dealt to a random enemy.
  • Peerless Warrior with One Blade (specializes in single-enemy attacks)
    • Triple Hit: Deals direct damage to a single enemy up to 3 times. Each attack has a probability of inflicting Head, Arm and Leg Seal status. When one of the attacks inflicts a seal, Triple Hit ends immediately.
    • Lightning Cut: Deals close-range slash damage and thunder damage to a single enemy.


  • Merciful Herbalist (specializes in healing)
    • Area Herb: Heals the HP of all party members. There is also Cure Herb which will heal a single ally and Line Herb which will heal a row.
    • Lingering Scent: The last Herb skill that was used will repeat its effects on all party members at the end of each turn for 5 turns.
  • Naive Posion Killer (specializes in inflicting status ailments)
    • Smoke Solid: Has the probability to inflict Petrify on an enemy affected with a Smoke skill.
    • Paralysmoke: Has the probability to inflict paralysis to a single row of enemies, and it also lowers their resistance to paralysis for 3 turns.


  • Monk who Controls Six Elements (learns all 6 types of magic)
    • Alter: 3 turns after this skill is used, a long-range crush attack will be dealt on an enemy at the beginning of the turn with the probability to petrify it.
    • Wind Storm: Deals long-range slash attack damage to all enemies, with a chance to inflict an Arm Seal.
  • Ruler of Fire, Ice and Lightning (specializes in those 3 elements)
    • Ice Storm: Deals long-range ice damage to all enemies.
    • Explode: Deals long-range fire damage to all enemies.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.

Perfectly Nintendo, Nintendo Everything