Etrian Odyssey V Information Summary, New Screenshots


Atlus has sent out a media release today summarizing the currently known details for Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth which had previously appeared in Famitsu magazine and the online blog.

Gematsu has provided a translation of the information released by Atlus.


“Arcadia,” a land dominated by swords and magic. A huge tree from ancient times called “Yggdrasil” exists here and is to be the reason that peace visits the world.

There is a legend about that World Tree. If you can manage to reach its untrodden summit, it is said that your dreams will come true.

“The power to dominate the world.” “The most powerful.” “The world’s mysteries.” “Expensive treasures.”

Although there are four races that live in this land, each has a different legend, but no person has been able to confirm them.

From the city “Aeolis” at the bottom of Yggdrasil, the official orders are issued. In pursuit of the legend, the courageous adventurers who will challenge Yggdrasil gather in Aeolis. You’re one of the adventurers in response to the official orders.

Whether it’s for wealth and honor, or to satisfy your sense of adventure, you’ll challenge the labyrinths and aim for the top of the World Tree.


There are a total of 4 newly introduced races, each with their own specific set of classes for a total of 10 in total.

  • Earthrun: Arcadia’s most prosperous race. It has four possible classes.
  • Lunaria: A tall and lean race that strives in the study of magic. It has two possible classes that excel in magic.
  • Therian: A warrior race said to draw the blood of beasts. It has two possible classes that focus on power and agility.
  • Bronie: A short and friendly race that loves nature. It has two possible classes that focused on the power of nature and pharmaceutics.


  • Fencer: A class that wields a sharp sword.
  • Dragoon: A class that boasts a dragon-like hard defense.
  • Cestus: A class that cuts through the fight with its well-trained fist.
  • Reaper: A class that harvests opponents with its death-inducing sickle.
  • Necromancer: A summoner class that controls spirits.
  • Warlock: A sage class skilled in attribute-based attacks.
  • Masurao: A warrior class that wields four swords.
  • Hound: A hunter class that commands a falcon and hunting dog.
  • Herbalist: A healing master class that uses medicinal plants.
  • Shaman: A class that supports its comrades with a mysterious power.

Race Skill

In addition to “Character Skills” tied to each class, there are also “Race Skills” tied to each race. By training both skill types, you can enjoy even deeper character development.

There are cooperative skills involving multiple characters, too!
There are cooperative skills involving multiple characters, too!


  • Class, name and appearance of a character can be customized, for five total party members in a team.
  • Each class has four different base appearance options.
  • More specific appearance options include:
    • Hair color (12 basic colors, or freely chosen via RGB palette)
    • Skin color (12 basic colors)
    • Eye color (12 basic colors)
    • Voices (40 voices, or no voice)
Character Creation 1
Since you can check skills during character creation, you can consider your party’s balance in addition to your character’s appearance.
Character Creation 2
Character creation has the highest degree of freedom in series history.
Character Creation 3
The 40 voices are each tied to a number. Select one to hear a sample voice before affirming.

The 40 voices players can choose from are from the following voice actors: Shouta Aoi, Satomi Arai, Akira Ishida, Toru Okawa, Ayaka Ohashi, Yoshihisa Kawahara, Misaki Kuno, Mitsuki Saiga, Takuya Satou, Asami Seto, Atsuko Tanaka, Kosuke Toriumi, Joji Nakata, Kaori Nazuka, Natsuki Hanae, Saori Hayami, Megumi Han, Yoko Hikasa, Rina Hidaka, Yui Horie, Ayumu Murase, and Tsubasa Yonaga.

Customization of characters can be seen in the video below, starting at the 1:47:00 time stamp.

The video is an archive of the March 5 live stream where the guests—Ayumu Murase (voice actor), Kaori Nazuka (voice actor), Yoshihisa Kawahara (voice actor), Chiaki Matsuzawa (announcer) and Yosuke Uda (Atlus PR)—each took turns creating their own characters.


  • As in previous Etrian Odyssey games, players will progress through complicated labyrinths, drawing their own maps with the stylus using the bottom screen of the 3DS.


  • There is also the option to enable auto-mapping, with the map being automatically generated as players traverse the labyrinths.


Aim for the the top of the World Tree!

The player’s goal is to get to the unexplored summit of the World Tree. The inside of the World Tree is a complicated labyrinth. And what’s more, the labyrinth’s shape changes based on whether it’s day or night. The monsters that appear also change, so you should pay attention to the passage of time during your exploration.

City Aeolis
The fortress city, Aeolis.
The first level of Yggdrasil, Chinju no Jukai.
The first level of Yggdrasil, Chinju no Jukai.

Events and Challenges

EOV Event

You’ll obtain various materials in the labyrinth. In addition to mining and gathering spots, there are new fishing spots, too.

Adventure Episode

“Mini-Events” are events triggered in dungeons that each come with their own title and summary.

Dungeon Area

In dungeons, there is a place where you can raise a fire, and bake and eat the food you’ve obtained.

EOV Monsters

Monsters not seen in previous games will stand before you in Etrian Odyssey V.

Field On Enemey (F.O.E.)


There are many monsters that wander around the labyrinth and plague adventurers. You can battle them, but you can also avoid battles by using the Field on Enemy’s movements and habits.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.

4Gamer, Gematsu