Etrian Odyssey V Warlock Class Introduction, Class Mastery Videos


Following the previous Dragoon class introduction video, Atlus has released the Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth Warlock class video along with a trailer showing off the game’s “Titles” class mastery system.

Warlock Intro Video

As described in a previous edition of Famitsu magazine, the Lunaria race Warlocks are magicians who attack their enemies using the elements. They have high a variety of options to at their disposal to face different types of enemies.

Notable Skills:

  • Fire Ball: Shoots a long-range fireball at an enemy that will also spread out to the left and right positions of that enemy upon impact.
  • High Speed Chant: With this ability, skills that require chanting can be used during the turn this is used without waiting, but they will consume more TP when used.
  • Chant: Compressed Technique: A magic attack used during the next turn will only be able to hit a single enemy, but its (concentrated) damage will be increased.

Titles Mastery Video

As described in the latest edition of Famitsu:

When certain requirements are met, a class will reach mastery and at that point, a player is able to choose among one of two “Titles” to give the character. This will grant them with Mastery Skills that change based on the “Title” that was chosen.


Fencer’s Titles and Mastery Skills

Illusion Swordsman (Specializes in evading)

  • Bewitching Swords Dance: This ability disorients the enemy’s sense of distance, decreasing their accuracy to a single row for 3 turns.
  • Sharp Thrust: Attacks an enemy in order for the enemy to pay attention to the Fencer, and it increases the Fecner’s evasion during that turn.

Lightning Swift Swordsman (Specializes in combos)

  • Resonance: A close-range thrusting attack to an enemy whose damage increases depending on the amount of attacks that were activated from Chain Skills on the previous turn.
  • Chain Killer: If the target enemy is inflicted with a status ailment or a seal, the Fencer will perform an additional thrusting attack.

Website Update

The Warlock class page on the official website was updated with each of the four appearance options.

The “Titles” mastery system section has also been added to the Character page.

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.