Etrian Odyssey X Details Include Optional Labyrinths, World Map, Hero Class


This week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine #1532 includes a 10-page feature for the recently announced Etrian Odyssey X, with an interview with the director Shigeo Komori that has new details on the game.


  • The new class “Hero” is set to be a class that evokes the feeling of being a hero, with a uniqueness which is not found in the previous classes. With offense and defense, it’s a versatile type which can also focus on recovery.
  • The Force Boost and Force Break systems are introduced so that the advantages of the main classes are more prominent.


  • The setting of “Etrian Odyssey X” is “Lemuria,” located in a place isolated from the other continents. A broad expanse of trees that are familiar from past adventures are spread out around the Yggdrasil at its center.
  • However, it’s important to note that knowledge of the previous dungeons can lead to traps, so caution is necessary. Elements are being prepared that will make those experienced in the series grin.
  • A world map has been implemented for the first time in the series, which Komori has wanted to do before. It has a diverse amount of labyrinths scattered about, and new places are attained and events might occur, once certain conditions are satisfied.
  • With the largest volume of labyrinths in the series yet, it is not necessary to clear all of them to finish the game.


  • Etrian Odyssey V” was positioned as a culmination of the series up to that point, with the direction of “challenging new things.” However, Komori felt that many fans expected a direction which gathered the parts they liked from previous games in the series. So, as another culmination, he thought to make “Etrian Odyssey X.”
  • The 18 classes from previous games were carefully selected, with their popularity in votes being on of the things considered.
  • The development of Etrian Odyssey X is 80% done.


  • With the character creation from Etrian Odyssey V, there will be 60 different selectable voices, performed by a total of 33 voice actors.

— ryokutya2089 (1, 2), Games Talk, [email protected]

Etrian Odyssey X will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 2, 2018, in Japan.