Famitsu: Metaphor: ReFantazio 20-Minute Direct Gameplay Footage, Demo Playthrough Report


The large-scale fan event Atlus FES is currently underway in Japan, including demos for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance and Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Famitsu attended the event, providing a report on a gameplay session with Metaphor.

Trial Play Modes

In the public demo for Metaphor: ReFantazio available at Atlus Fes, there are three different modes available, each with different scenes and elements:

  • Scenario Mode: Awakening of the Archetype: In this mode, players progress through a dungeon while learning the game’s fundamentals, experiencing the story until you awaken to the special ability called “Archetype.”
  • Dungeon Mode: A mode where users can enjoy exploring the occupied cathedral dungeon (early on in the story).
  • Boss Challenge Mode: A mode where players can challenge the large sea monster boss battle (midway through the story).

Scenario Mode Gameplay

Famitsu has posted a 22-minute showing gameplay footage from “Scenario Mode.” This is the mode that had the most volume to it, with a sizable amount of story content.

The specific point of the story consists of the protagonist being there to rescue a certain person, and in the process, he ends up working with Strohl, who comes from an aristocratic family. They find themselves outmatched by the enemy “Homo Gorleo” within the fortress, and in a desperate situation, the protagonist awakens to the power of the Archetype.

As with other Atlus games, the main character does not actively speak. However, in Metaphor, alongside battle dialogue, the main character will voice the lines chosen in conversation.

Dungeon Mode: Occupied Cathedral

In this mode, one week has passed since the start of the story, and you enter the cathedral of the royal capital to explore its dungeon and protect a woman’s friend who was left behind. There are three party members, including the knight Hulkenberg.

This 15-minute mode is not as voluminous as Scenario Mode, but the focus here is on dungeon exploration. Additionally, some elements are unlocked for battle, and the enemies are a little stronger.

Boss Challenge Mode: Great Sea Beast Assault

In this mode, players challenge a boss battle that appears in the middle of the story. You can explore the Gauntlet Runner moving across the sea, enjoying events like fishing, and finally defeating the boss that attacks you.

The Gauntlet Runner is the protagonist’s mobile base, where the protagonist can interact with crew members and advance time with certain actions. In this mode, there are two other characters who join the party in addition to Strohl and Hulkenberg: Heismay and Juna.

Considered the most difficult of the three modes, players have to be selective of their party because only 4 characters can engage in combat at once. The boss that appears—weak to electricity—consists of a main body, with four legs used to attack. When the legs are eliminated, they eventually regenerate.

Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released worldwide on October 11, 2024 for the Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, and Steam.