[Famitsu] Persona 5 Tactica Developer Interview Excerpt


Following the Persona 3 Reload interview published yesterday, Famitsu has published an excerpt of a Persona 5 Tactica interview, which will also feature in Weekly Famitsu later this week, to be released June 15, 2023.

Additionally, Weekly Famitsu will also feature a third interview with Persona series character designer Shigenori Soejima, Persona 5 Tactica lead artist Hanako Oribe and Persona Team general producer Kazuhisa Wada.

This interview involves Persona team general producer, Kazuhisa Wada, director Naoya Maeda and business producer Atsushi Nomura.

This is the first strategy RPG in the Persona series. First of all, tell use why you decided to take on this genre.

Wada: For a long time, I’ve had the goal of expanding the possibilities of the series. Additionally, I also wanted to deliver a new Persona 5 related story, which is why I came up with this title.

Personally I love strategy RPGs, and there was a lot of feedback from the user surveys that people wanted to play a game in this genre.

You’ve produced Persona spinoff games in genres other than RPGs, such as fighting games and rhythm games haven’t you?

Wada: Yes, Atlus has released strategy RPG games such as the Devil Survivor series, but Persona hasn’t had one, so this time were were able to make it happen.

Before this interview, we were able to see gameplay footage being played on an actual console, and we felt that the presentation and pace of the battles were closer to Persona 5 than what users might usually expect when the hear the term SRPG.

Nomura: I am happy you feel that way. This work depicts the Persona 5 cast in a new way that incorporates the essence of a strategy rpg, and I think you can get a sense of this in the trailer. I would like to continue to show this appeal in follow-up news to continue to reassure people.

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What are the features of the battle system?

Maeda: The goal was to create a game with a pop and fast tempo so that people who only have a general idea of, or are not good at strategy rpgs can enjoy it. For that reason, the main tactical element is in the positioning of allies and enemies, so that the player can see their advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

Nomura: The phantom thief like elements of hiding in the shadows and watching from a high vantage point fit well in this genre. In stages with height differences, if you stay aware of your allies positioning when attacking, you can knock down your enemies and trigger a follow-up attack. By moving the character directly, you can find locations where it is difficult for you to be attacked or it is easy to coordinate with others. So you will be developing strategies before you know it.

It is intuitive so you should be able to get used to it quickly. We’ve also incorporated the fun of positioning into the familiar Persona series All-Out Attack, so I hope you enjoy the Triple Threat which is unique to this game.

Maeda: The act of the oppressed side pulling down the establishment from their position on higher ground is like an act of revolution. This is similar to the theme of the game, “Revolution of the Mind”

Persona 5 Tactica will release on November 17, 2023. It is currently announced for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Windows PC.

— Famitsu