First Persona 4 Golden Clothing Range Designs by Insert Coin Revealed


Following the announcement in May that the video game apparel company Insert Coin would be producing a Persona 4 Golden clothing range, the first designs for it have been revealed.

Insert Coin:

We are very proud to reveal the first designs in our official Persona 4 Golden range!

We’ve been working closely with the wonderful team at ATLUS to launch an awesome first range, with designs inspired by our favourite characters, places and moments from the game. From Chie to Teddie, Yasogami High to the Midnight Channel – we’ve developed one of our biggest ranges, with loads of awesome treats to choose from.

Obviously, with a game world that’s so huge and detailed, we can’t introduce everything all at once, so the more support we get for the first range, the more likely it is we’ll be able to continue to add more and more designs moving forward.

We’re looking to launch this range as soon as possible in the autumn, so keep ’em peeled and, in the meantime, make sure you check out our blog at